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A Capcom Remake Vs A PlayStation Studio Remake

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Health Debunking the vegan myth: The case for a plant-forward omnivorous whole-foods diet — veganism is without evolutionary precedent in Homo sapiens species. A strict vegan diet causes deficiencies in vitamins B12, B2, D, niacin, iron, iodine, zinc, high-quality proteins, omega-3, and calcium.

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🤢🤮 I think I’m gonna barf…

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Article Will Smith Thriller ‘Emancipation’ Gets First Screening In DC; Plus First Reactions On Antoine Fuqua Film

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Good Vibes Isn't She Adorable!!

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Some of us are still alive to enjoy the moment.

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Business Ride Along Cakeslip ("TikTok for porn") had 8 million videos played in September - crushing our goal and doubling month-other-month! NSFW


Sharing another milestone!

Our "TikTok for porn" site (NSFW! and best viewed on mobile) started as a senior class project and just hit 8 million videos played in September alone. The site is now doubling in traffic month-over-month 😳


September was a big month for us.

  • 8 million videos played in September, doubling 4 million in August.
  • Strong retention continues (although hard to get accurate metrics because we believe most consumption happens Incognito).
  • Still no ads. We're focused on making the best porn viewing and curating experience on the Internet.
  • Fixed audio issues. Ran intro some audio issues which caused every video to have no audio 😞 We've resolved this for most videos and are working on getting back to 100% audio.

Our goal is to be the best way to view and curate porn on mobile.

✅ Bookmark your favorite videos and come back to them any time - your "Cake Bank"

✅ Search any NSFW Subreddit - "Discover" tab

✅ Super fast loading and smooth scrolling

✅ No ads

✅ No sign-up needed

Thanks for the love, Ridealong fam!

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The Rings of Power Are critics watching the same show as everyone else? how does this mediocre show have an 84% rating on RT?


based on what I've seen, it should be more like 50~60% surely? Are critics just completely out of touch? Have bezos bucks corrupted them?

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Environment Global insect protein market spreads its wings by 2027

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Video Russian artillery strikes Ukrainian armour, Kherson region, October 2022

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originalní content tierlist tatarek k hranolkám

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Meme Fantano and Drake

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I love Sununu's bluntness


Anyone see this article? How can you not love the guy? He cracks me up.


"The US Senate is the B team, compared to governors. Can you honestly tell me if we got rid of every US senator and replaced them with 100 randomly chosen, employed American adults that it would get worse?" he told the publication.


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Health Fracture Risk in Vegetarians and Vegans: the Role of Diet and Metabolic Factors - vegans consistently have higher risk of fracture at multiple bone sites, especially at the hip, which may be due to calcium and vitamin D intake, as well as amount of dietary protein and quality.

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Warhammer III PRE-Release dev standards back in 2016 VS half year POST-Release dev standards in 2022.

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Discussion & Info If you hate invaders, you should try invading.


edit: the negative comments have served to prove my point, so I'm adding to this post here:

the pve players excuse of "not being set up for pvp" is hardly an issue. you still have double flasks, ally/allies.

furthermore pve players are dealing broken amounts of damage. don't lie I'm an invader I know exactly what the majority of you are doing in coop. you people are all set up to melt bosses.

if you're an int casting host I don't see why you should even be complaining. you plan on beating the game without ever fighting close distance.


let's define invade: an unwelcome intrusion into another's domain

now, I don't know just how stupid someone can get, but there was one comment below that literally said "invaders are unwanted" and I just have to say.....hhhhhhhhhhh yes you're right. that is what an invader is. unwanted.

I don't know how the devs could make it any more clear to you, they want you to have to pvp if you play online, they want that to be a feature in THEIR game.

you are melting bosses hp, you can deal with a couple invaders. (which aren't even common)

speaking of which, you aren't getting invaded that often.

I WISH I got invaded more. but no. never. they never show up.

most likely because as soon as someone is summoned they go to the boss fight.

the whole point of this post was to tell you guys to try to be a successful invader and see things from a different perspective.

but all you've done is proven my point. that the pve community is a bunch of whiney toxic players who just want to spam dps without the risk of death.

if being killed by an invader "sets you back" you need to take that experience and continue to grow your skills at the game. eventually dying won't mean anything more than a minor inconvenience.

Take the L end of edit real post is below this sentence.

invaders get a lot of heat from pve players,

some of them assume invaders are just toxic or griefers or something,

honestly though invaders are just looking for battle,

if you think invaders are toxic game ruining players, try a week in their shoes,

spend a week working on an invasion build, and try to find success as an invader.

after that, I think you would love and welcome being invaded.

if you try being an invader you'll see, it's completley respectable

you might not take me seriously right now but I swear on my life,

invaders put up with a lot more frustration than hosts,

I'll get angry messages from rage induced players, which, are actually trophies to us invaders,

but I'm here to tell you, don't be mad lmao the invader deserves to be able to kick ass, because the invader gets his ass kicked a lot.

you have not really experienced elden ring until you've had to fight a coop summon while the host spams spells

and I'm gonna let you know now, the pvp community is going to long outlive the pve community.

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Why James Cameron's Avatar Isn't as Great as Everyone Thinks

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Stop it

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Discussion People that automatically KOS.


Did something bad happen to you in real life?

Edit-What I’ve gathered from these comments is fuck it, be a piece of shit?

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It’s been there for 5 days

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Main Course Avocado Shrimp Salad in A Few Minutes

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Nice Boat

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To reassure the world that your mental focus is still sharp

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Health Ketogenic diet modulates cardiac metabolic dysregulation in streptozocin-induced diabetic rats — The KD may improve the condition of diabetic cardiomyopathy by suppressing FA metabolism, increasing ketone utilization, and decreasing endoplasmic reticulum stress and inflammation.

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Business Tesla Model X masterfully protects family of four during horrifying crash

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