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typical mod garbage BONK! Overly sexual questions are no longer allowed.


Sup horndogs!

It came to our attention that the collective mind has drifted too far into the gutter. And no not that kind of "came", for fucks sake. We've received many complaints from the community that the questions in this subreddit have gotten increasingly horny, and honestly I agree. See? And you fuckers say we don't listen. It's not that we don't, it's that we don't give a fuck, except when shit gets really bad.

There are only so many times a person can read about why buttsex is so popular or what the best position is or what was the freakiest sex, before succumbing to unclean thoughts themselves, which is not what Jesus would want from us.

That's why automoderator has been purposefully sexually repressed in order to harbour a healthy hatred towards all things horny. Honestly, you're on fucking reddit, it's full of porn as it is. If you want to read people make sexy shit up, go to /r/AskRedditAfterDark, that's where all the other teenagers are. Or a billion of other bad erotica subs.

A side effect of sending you all to horny jail is that some pretty "general" words were added to the filter so if your question gets removed for something that is not horny, send us a modmail. Should say so in the removal comment anyway, but who reads those am I right??

There is also a report reason available if some bodily fluids still manage to drip past the filter if you get what I mean. Remember, only you can prevent forest fires horny shitposts.

Anyway, that is all, remember to read the Bible (or regional equivalent) and keep your gonads in your pants. Clean is mean or some shit.


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Straight men of reddit. What’s the best thing about being straight?


EDIT: I love how many downvotes this has gotten when the same question from a gay perspective won awards

Personally I’ve got to say enjoying the beauty and mystery of a woman. There’s something unique about the the flirtatious smile from a beautiful lady across the room.

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How do you respond to “how is it going” when it’s not going good?


r/AskMen 16h ago

What can I do as a woman to avoid my man growing tired or bored of me? NSFW


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Gay men of reddit, what's the best thing about being gay? NSFW


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Men. What is your definition of success?


r/AskMen 13h ago

Be completely honest, what's hard about dating for you?


r/AskMen 12h ago

What goes through your mind when a woman tells you she rather to wait to kiss you on your first date?


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How to get rid of razor bumps on my Punic area


PUBIC* damn autocorrect.

Hey guys, I’m at a loss here, I trim with an electric razor and I go against the grain sometimes (I shouldn’t) and I have developed some razor bumps, yes I am sure that’s what it is, do you guys have any ideas on how to get rid of them? I’d prefer to stay away from prescriptions if possible.

I had some old guy at work tell me to use WD-40 but I think he was joking because it burns

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I'm turning 30 soon... and this past year I've gained some weight. I'm fairly active and have always had an awesome metabolism up until this year. I know this is common as we age, but what useful lifestyle changes did you make to keep that extra weight off as you got older?


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For men that decided to get married after going through a divorce, how'd you choose to do it again?


I'm divorced. Woman I'm seeing mentioned wanting to be married in her future and I'm quite turned off by the concept of marriage after having gone through the whole divorce process. What got you to a point where you could say, yeah I want to get married again?

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What hurts more then being hit in the balls? I’m curious


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What is your major hobby? If you don’t have one, what would you like to pursue as a hobby?


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Men of Reddit...what are you going through silently right now?


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How do you connect emotionally with your father?


Hi guys. I'm 20 years old, and I don't think I've ever had any sort of real emotional connection with my dad. I love him and he loves me, but talking about struggles and issues is something we've never done. There's so many things I wish I could tell him and ask for advice about, but I just don't know how.

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Men. How do you handle rejection from wife ?


Im 8 weeks postpartum. On medication that has a side effect of low libido. And I’m just having all the emotions that come along with having a baby. Needless to say I am not in the mood. However porn has been an issue in our marriage before. So I feel like if I keep rejecting (i have no idea when I’ll be back to normal) he’s just going to turn to p0rn (which had been an issue before). Is this rational thinking? Today was actually the worst - I didn’t enjoy it at all. I just wanted it to be over. When it was my turn to finish I just told him I was good. Didn’t even feel like trying on my end I was more concerned about him getting done.

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What's something you have a large quantity of, but wish you didn't?


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Men, what helps for dry skin under your beards?


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What is something that you will probably never understand about women


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Do you have a beard? Why?


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If a zombie apocalypse happened, what weapon would you choose to fight with?


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Men, do you ever find yourself wanting to be in relationship when you’re drunk rather than sober?


I know it sounds stupid but I only feel the hopeless romantic feelings when I’m obliterated but when I’m sober I want to be alone.

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Would you ever date someone with the same name as your ex? Why or why not?


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What gives you chills every time you see it.


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What is something you can say irl and have (almost) everyone agree but not on Reddit?


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Fuck all these “why are you single” questions. Why are you not single?