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VPD (Vancouver Police Deartment) hits pedestrian on E Hastings, HARD. Area is 30kmph zone, and the center of homelessness and addiction. Insane/Crazy NSFW


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u/Leather-Economics-28 Sep 22 '22

If you stand still in the middle of road at night, Probly your fault if you get hit by a car


u/DeadlyKitte098 Sep 22 '22

I was driving at night in the rain and turned right on a corner and almost hit a homeless woman. She was walking oddly and really slowly and didn't seem to care that she almost got ran over. I was feet away from her and almost had a heart attack. If I didn't have to turn a corner and was going straight down that road instead I'm sure I would have hit her. Impossible to see in the dark and with the rain like that.


u/GeneralBlumpkin Sep 22 '22

I was going 80mph on a dark desert freeway and all of the sudden there was a really crazy looking woman in the middle of the freeway. Almost missed her by a foot or two.


u/CanabalCMonkE Sep 22 '22

Hahaha, idk if it was intentional but an "almost miss" would be a hit. Wouldn't it?


u/GeneralBlumpkin Sep 22 '22



u/CanabalCMonkE Sep 22 '22

Rofl. Shine on you crazy diamond


u/[deleted] Sep 22 '22

Yeah he basically almost didn’t miss her


u/electric_kite Sep 22 '22

The phrase “dark desert freeway” instantly triggered my brain to respond by playing hotel California in my head.


u/FrustratingBears Sep 23 '22

this is creepypasta vibes


u/GeneralBlumpkin Sep 23 '22

It's real. She was very skinny and pal, her eyes sunken deep and her cheekbones were sticking out. She had scraggly hair too. Idk what she was doing. Might of been a ghost who knows


u/Mr-IT-Guy Sep 22 '22

One time my dad was driving me to my therapist and he turned to say something to me. He almost hit this old woman all the neighborhood kids call Grandma Death. Scared us both pretty good.


u/mxzf Sep 22 '22

I had that sort of thing happen to me once. I'm driving down the road in pouring rain (fairly slow because it was a kinda downtown area and there was some traffic) and all of the sudden I see this black guy in a dark hoodie and dark jeans at my window giving me an offended "how dare you drive in front of me when I'm walking here look". Apparently he was jaywalking and expected traffic to magically defer to his near-invisible self wandering across the street.