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VPD (Vancouver Police Deartment) hits pedestrian on E Hastings, HARD. Area is 30kmph zone, and the center of homelessness and addiction. Insane/Crazy NSFW


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u/NByz Sep 22 '22

If this is where I think it is, it is part of a 3-block stretch of vancouver that is notorious for homelessness, open drug use and crossing the street anywhere.

It got to the point that the city just set the speed limit to 30 kph about 10 years ago.


u/ADarwinAward Sep 23 '22

In my city this happens even in areas where there are much smaller groups. And I never go anywhere near the open air drug market

I’ve had to navigate around several strung out junkies standing in the middle if the road at night. They stumble around and they’re completely out of it.