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VPD (Vancouver Police Deartment) hits pedestrian on E Hastings, HARD. Area is 30kmph zone, and the center of homelessness and addiction. Insane/Crazy NSFW


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u/ReggieEvansTheKing Sep 22 '22

The big issue is that law forbids us from forcing people to get treatment against their free will. It is a stupid law though, because addiction and mental illness are the very essence of the loss of free will. These people need to be either treated or cured for their illnesses prior to being given the opportunity to make their own choices. If they aren’t forced into this type of recovery, then their illnesses will make decisions for them. Any parent would rather have their heroin addict child forced to be in a facility giving them an objectively better quality of life than their child be out on the streets being abused and in pain.


u/evade26 Sep 22 '22

Oh for sure. Laws need to be changed to enable this care and the facilities that do that need to be held to the highest standard so 50 years later they don’t get shut down due to public outrage.