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VPD (Vancouver Police Deartment) hits pedestrian on E Hastings, HARD. Area is 30kmph zone, and the center of homelessness and addiction. Insane/Crazy NSFW


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u/80HDDD47 Sep 22 '22

I’m 100% sure it was an accident considering the guy is in the middle of the road hunched down, guarantee the cop was distracted, but it definitely wasn’t on purpose, most of you guys are jumping to conclusions too fast. No I’m not defending the police officer, I’m just stating the obvious.


u/shadedren Sep 22 '22

You can tell the cop slowed down almost immediately once he felt the hit. Wasn’t intentional at all, but it’s funny how Atleast in the U.S we get stopped for being on our phones on the road but I know the cops do the same thing and they get away Scratch free if they something like this happens to them