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VPD (Vancouver Police Deartment) hits pedestrian on E Hastings, HARD. Area is 30kmph zone, and the center of homelessness and addiction. Insane/Crazy NSFW


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u/Tylendal Sep 23 '22

it definitely wasn’t on purpose

Shitty, reckless driving is a deliberate choice.

Sure, he didn't deliberately hit someone, but the officer deliberately chose the irresponsibility that resulted in it.

It's the DTES. They should be on their toes, and not assuming pedestrians will be rational. Definitely shouldn't be speeding excessively.


u/80HDDD47 Sep 23 '22

exactlyyyyyyyy. You said it better than me. Although it was an accident, it still his fault for not paying attention. Glad a few people have brains here.