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Megathread PS5 Help & Questions Thread | Simple Questions, Tech Support, Error Codes, and FAQs


Looking for info about M.2 SSD expansion drives? See the megathread.

Sometimes you just need help. But often times making a new post isn't needed. For the time being, around launch and perhaps in the future. We will use a single thread for helping each other out.

Before asking, we ask you to look at a few links. Some question can't be answered and only official PlayStation support can help you.

PlayStation Official

Community Help

Google and Reddit Search is also a great way to find an answer or get help. View all past help and questions threads here.

For all future help, tech support and more, we ask that you create new threads on r/PlayStation instead of here on r/PS5.

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Megathread Game/Hardware Recommendation Megathread


Can't decide what to play next? Is your favourite game underappreciated and more people need to play it? Need a new TV and not sure what to buy?

Share (and request) your recommendations here!

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no source Report: Horizon Zero Dawn Remake/Remaster in the Works for PS5; Horizon Multiplayer Game in Development

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Discussion Ghost of Tsushima is a masterpiece


I had been said that it was very good, but come on, It's shocking the love that the developers put into this game. Kind of early review with my humble opinion:

I'm currently playing it on ps5 DC edition Hard difficulty, 10 hours or so, and I'm impressed with so many things of it: the graphics, sound, design, characters, conversations, gameplay, menus, character development...

Last open-world game I played was Days Gone in 2020 and I actually liked it more than I expected. But this is different, come on, the architecture of the houses, the nature, no having map on screen, parrying or avoiding, killing enemies attacks is just so smooth and pleasant, unexepected details like the poetry are impressive. Rdr 2 maybe has much more details and stuff but the artistic touch of this one probably is deeper.

I checked the reviews and I have seen so many 6, 7 or 8..saying it was " another open world", "very continuist", "old missions style",etc.. I don't know probably it is because I don't play that many open worlds but whoever thinks that imho it's because it plays too many videogames or too many openworlds, cause for me at the moment is exceptional.

Really surpised with the game, one of the kind that makes you fall in love with videogames.

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Discussion The gaming community needs to have a serious conversation about Crossplay and PC hackers


Me and my friends play Warzone once a week on PS5 and at this point there isn't a single match where we don't run into hackers. Used to be on PS4/PS5 you could disable crossplay. Now because it's not disabled by default you can't find games any more because not enough players have it disabled or are even aware of the option. So the option to turn it off becomes useless.

Even in the Modern Warfare 2 beta where the first weekend was Playstation only we ran into zero hackers, the second weekend once it was opened up to crossplay hackers all over the place. We gave up after a few hours of weekend 2. Same thing with Battlefield 2042 for the brief period we played, crossplay on blatant cheaters in matches, crossplay off no issues. Got tougher to find non bot filled lobbies with crossplay off by the end.

This is a terrible user experience for console gamers that we should never be subjected to. The default needs to be OFF for crossplay with PC, and enabling it should be an option. You want to increase the pool of players? Let Playstation and Xbox users play with each other by default, nobody will complain about that.

Let me be very clear about this point: It's not enough to have an option to turn crossplay with PC off, it needs to be off by default.

Now the most prevalent argument for crossplay is that PC gaming will not survive without it. I personally do not believe this to be true because somehow PC multiplayer games have thrived for decades before crossplay was invented. But even if this is the case it's not a good enough argument to subject console gamers to cheaters. 10 years ago this would've been considered unacceptable, now it's just part of the equation. We have accepted as console gamers that we're going to run into PC hackers, in our case in every single match on games like Warzone now.

If it's true that the games will not survive on PC if crossplay is eliminated by default then so be it, let some games on PC die. Plug your mouse and keyboard into the consoles instead. There needs to be a hard line taken on this topic. If corporations like Microsoft do not care because they're more concerned about their "ecosystems" like Gamepass thriving on PC than they are about the quality of the user experience, then us gamers need to take a stance and make it known that enough is enough.

PC gamers should not have a vote on this matter. I understand that not all PC gamers are hackers, but all hackers are PC gamers, because you can't have wallhacks and aimbots on a console. (Cronus aside). 10 times out of 10 I choose to go up against a Cronus player who doesn't have recoil over a PC hacker who can see me through walls. This doesn't even require a second thought.

As a console gamer I do not want crossplay enabled by default any more, in any game. I want it to be an option that you can enable in case you have PC gamer friends. Otherwise I only want to be able to crossplay against other CONSOLE gamers. Xbox vs PS should be enabled by default, which is what we have been asking for.

It's time to end this charade of default PC vs Console crossplay once and for all.

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News & Announcements Bloomberg reporting PlayStation VR2 shipments are expected to significantly outpace PSVR1

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Rumor The Playstation 5 has been potentially jailbroken.

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Articles & Blogs The Callisto Protocol’s AI is more interested in scaring you than killing you

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Articles & Blogs Sony Betting Big on Next VR Headset With Increased Production Plan

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Articles & Blogs Disco Elysium's core team left "involuntarily" at the end of 2021, claims ZA/UM founding member

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Rumor New Transformers Game For 2023 Teased At Hasbro Pulse Con

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Articles & Blogs How God of War Made Accessibility a Core Part of Its Game Design

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Articles & Blogs Crystal Dynamics Wants Your Take on the Future of the Legacy of Kain Franchise

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Articles & Blogs Review: Tunic (PS5) - Cute But Tough Action Game Is Cunning As a Fox

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News & Announcements Key Members of Disco Elysium Developer ZA/UM Have Left the Company In an 'Involuntary' Manner

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Articles & Blogs Soul Hackers 2 Patch Announced for November 2022, Includes Dash Mechanic, High Speed Mode in Combat, New Demons

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Rumor Rockstar Games is remastering Midnight Club Los Angeles

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Articles & Blogs Gundam Evolution welcomes Gundam and Overwatch fans with big metal arms

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Articles & Blogs Twitter user @GSmind89 recreates shots from The Last of Us HBO trailer with the enhanced photo mode of the game

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Rumor Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem Leaked for PS5 by Ratings Board

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Discussion SOULSTICE is one of the most intense games i played in recent memory.


I can't stress it enough, this game is bonkers, it is flashy, hard as nails and most of all, it made me break a sweat, and one of those good ones, like when we used to play a hard ps2 game where the game is hard, the bosses are insane and larger than life.

For the asking price, the game sure is long, requires multiple playthroughs, and while i got it on release, i still didn't beat it once, and that is good value for money, not to mention it is $35/$40 depending on region.

if u love games like DMC/NIER/CHAOS LEGION, then u will be right at home.

if u love BERSERK or CLAYMORE then u will feel right at home.

If u enjoy a challenge and insane boss fights and a lot of flashy moves and style, u will love this game.

It also doesn't hold ur hands, a lot of things are up to u to find out, like how to make a perfect counter, and i tell u how, u counter at the exact moment an enemy starts an attack, not at the last.

I really love this game, it is fast, fun, hard and will give u a good time.....and good lord, the artstyle is second to none.

just a small warning, there is some NSFW moments in it, in case u have kids or parents walking around, one of the boss fights was really, and i mean really awkward, so keep that in mind.

Hope this game sells well, we need more like this, it is also insanely polished for the price.

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Articles & Blogs Onrush Servers Shut Down At The End Of November

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Articles & Blogs Lead developers of Disco Elysium have left ZA/UM and the company has been dissolved

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Giveaway $50 gift card for the US region.


Winner has been picked. Congrats to /u/Derpsonite

Last giveaway I wound up in the hospital with a blood clot in my lung and the mods picked the winner. Hopefully I can pick the winner this time.

Since Sony doesn't do digital games, I am giving away a $50 PlayStation gift card for the US region.

Your account must be 30 days old. I will be using RedditRaffler to pick the winner. For fun, tell me what genre of games you like and what is your favorite game in that genre. I love RPG's and Witcher 3 is my favorite with almost 1400 hours.

Winner will be picked tonight at 11pm eastern standard time. Remember that this is for the US region.

Congratulations goes to /u/Derpsonite

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Articles & Blogs No More Heroes 4 could happen with ‘big fan outcry’ says Suda 51

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Articles & Blogs New PS5, PS4 Games This Week (3rd October to 9th October)

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Articles & Blogs Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem Trophy List Suggests PS5 Release is Incoming

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