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Simple Questions & Answers Thread Simple Questions & Champion/Role advice: Patch 12.22


Hello summoners!

In order to create better discussion in the subreddit, we will be redirecting all simple or championpool/role questions to this thread. Check out the most recent patch notes on the sidebar!

What is a simple question? Typically, we define a simple question as something that can be answered fully within a single, or maybe two at most, comments. In this thread, you can ask any question you need answered about League of Legends, even if it isn't necessarily about learning the game itself.

Questions about what champ to add to your pool or general tip about roleswapping can also be asked in this thread.

Keep in mind we will still continue to remove golden rule violations, rants, memes, topics against Riot's ToS, and paid services - but the other rules are generally more lax here.

What you can do to help!

For now, this is a patch-based thread, meaning it will be posted once every two weeks. Checking back on this thread later in the patch and answering any questions that have been posted would be a huge help!

If you're trying to ask a question, the more specific you are, the better it is for all of us! We can't give you any help if we don't get much to work with in the first place.


Which do you use? Deviations in stats are typically minor, so whichever one you prefer.

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Mentoring Thread Mentoring Thread: November


Please do not reply directly to the thread.

Coaches: reply to the regional comments with the application format below.

Students: contact coaches (PM/reply) before adding them in-game.

Respect our Golden Rule. If you find that certain teachers/students are disrespectful, send us a message here.

For all the previous weeks: https://www.reddit.com/r/summonerschool/wiki/archives

Format for replies|Only Teachers should directly reply to the distinguished comments

:--:|:--: Copy paste this and fill it up in your responses.


Summoner Name:

**League / Division**:

**Areas of expertise**:


**Languages Spoken**:

**Duration of Mentoring**:

**Preferred Methods**:

**Other Info**:

Previous Week Threads: Click here to see results

General Guidelines for Students

  • You will be making the first contact by sending a PM or replying to the mentor of your choice.

  • Come prepared. What do you want to take away from this? Is there anything the mentors can review?

  • Know your issues: In which areas do you struggle?

  • You must understand that getting better is all about yourself. Bring your best attitude.

  • Be motivated. The results are proportional to the amount of effort you put in practice.

  • Mentors are here to assist and help you with the difficulties you encounter. This is not a way to find high elo Duo Queue partners.

General Guidelines for Mentors

  • You will accept players of your choice as students upon receiving their messages. The responsibility to make further contact and set up times falls on you.

  • Be clear as to what you want to do for your student(s) in your description: Review replays, lane together in normals, experiment and practice in custom games, simply answer questions/discuss, etc.

  • Try to organize your sessions by having specific themes. You do not want to overburden someone with too much information at once.

  • Give yourself discussion prompts to avoid losing your trail of thought. Slow down, clarify your opinions and make sure the student understands.

  • It is important to always promote a positive attitude and mentality towards playing and improving.


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support Why do people suggest to abandon a trash ADC as support?


People will often say that if your ADC is dogshit and you're playing support, it's best to start roaming to other lanes ala Alicopter and deep warding enemy JG than to be in that lane any longer, since you're not contributing to anything and likely going to die with said ADC.

From my experiences and observation, doing this will likely lead to the ADC player either AFKing or more overtly not caring for the game - as he's tower dove repeatedly, unable to even CS anymore. You also lose bottom lane tower likely, that is unless the other lane isn't perma freezing under their own.

I just don't get the logic behind it.

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Samira So can Samira not be silenced?


I just played a game as blitz against a Samira and had multiple times in the game where I hooked her over walls etc knocked her up and ulted her which should silence her for a sec but she instantly used her ult. How is that possible if she is silenced????????

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Question Keybindings for a FPS player?


Hi y’all!

I have a friend who’s just getting into league and mainly plays FPS games(overwatch and valorant). He mentioned wanting to map Q, W, E, and R to WASD because that felt more comfy to him. I was never really into FPS games, so I’m wondering if any of y’all have any keybinding hacks to help make his transition a little easier?????

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Discussion 10cs/min


Just so you guys know, getting 10 cs/min is more about having good macro, collecting crashing waves mid - late game, and knowing when you can split push and take your/enemy jungle camps, more so than about hitting every minion perfectly. It's MUCH more beneficial in silver and below to have good map awareness and good positioning in lane than it is to get every minion.

Edit: This post is intended for newer players who might have received advice to "Just farm up and carry." or "Pros average 10cs/min, that's what you should aim for."
Not every champ is even designed to get that much! The point of this post is that for a loooonnngg time I was hyperfocused on trying to farm perfectly and not miss cs, rather than learning other game concepts and macro. Of course having more gold is always better than having less gold, and of course practicing last hitting will improve your win rate, but don't fall into the trap of thinking that you can't climb because you don't have 10cs/minute by 15 minutes. You can get a lot further with good macro and bad last hits than you can with bad macro and good last hits.

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Cassiopeia Advice on how to play against Cassiopeia?


Hey everyone,

so I play all kinds of roles and almost always melee champions, and I must have like a 20% winrate against this champion at *most*.

Especially now in preseason, her itembuild allows her to be so ludicrously tanky, she feels impossible to kill unless she's way out of position. Additionally, I've always had this problem against cassio where she is a super kiting based ranged champion, so I would think I'd beat her in melee range as.. most melee champions. But she almost always wins even then by just mashing E, so I'm just incredibly clueless on how to approach playing against her.

Once she reaches level 6, she feels incredibly risky to gank too as it all boils down to whether or not both people manage to dodge her R. If not, one person just gets utterly oneshot during the stun duration and it often results in a double for cassio.

I get I'm clueless and not good, hence why I'm sharing my experience and asking how to actually play against her. I suppose specifically laning phase too, assuming she outranges me, as well as late game.

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Items Beginner support, how can you tell when you should build conditional items?


My champion knowledge is a bit subpar. Are there any easy ways to tell if a champion uses spells, attack speed, cc or healing?

I play sona and a lot of her items are conditional to her team and enemies. I don't know how to tell if a champion is reliant on something in particular.

I know that these are her popular items, each with their own conditions:

Staff of Flowing Water: If I have 2+ allies reliant on spells

Ardent Censor: If I have 2+ allies reliant on attack speed

Mikael's Bledding: If the enemy has a big stun

Frozen Heart: If the enemy is reliant on attack speed

Chemtech putrifier: If the enemy is reliant on healing

How do you tell tell if a champion uses spells, attack speed, cc or healing?

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jungle With the new jungle out, did the optimal first clears change a lot


Hi everyone, I've recently rejoined with some friends to play LoL and feel like learning jungle. One of the things I'm worried about is jungle pathing. Riot added this cool indicators, but even in practice tool, I can't seem to make a first clear under 3:30.

Right now I have the feeling that if my champion is mostly focused on AA, I should start red and if I cast lot or am very mana hungry, I should start blue. For example as Hecarim I'd start blue since the extra CDR and mana benefits his q a lot. It's unclear on some of the other champions I feel like playing, for example Nocturne. I feel like blue is nice because his q will benefit from it, but also I feel like red would be nice.

Any help on deciding which buff I should start on? Or a general rule of thumb for deciding?

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Question How to come back from losing lane?


I played as Vayne with a support Janna against Caitlyn and AP Malphite support. I managed to hold out early with D-shield, but after the first back, I just could not lane, as Malphite q's Caitlyn headshots were chunking my health if I tried to CS. After they hit level 6, I could not stay in lane. Obviously, this put me very far behind in gold and EXP. Two questions: (a) How would I maintain a consistent gold income despite being against a high-kill-pressure team? and (b) How should I lane to avoid being put so far behind? Assume that I first picked my champion and that I get no jungle help.

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support Question to Jhin mains coming form a learning support.


I really struggle when having a Jhin adc bc I don’t know how to support him. Especially in early game when he’s not very strong and farm quite slow. When should you stay with the adc and when should you start going in/doing dmg. Does anyone have good Tipps and champs that are good with a Jhin adc? And who to ban (I usually ban tristana,draven or lux)

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Jungle How to instantly become a better jungler right this very moment with almost zero effort


Here's a few things you can do in Gold and below to become a better jungler in less than 5 minutes with almost zero effort. Follow these tips and you will instantly win more games and gain LP.


Step 1: Quit spazzing out of bushes.

Stop blowing your whole kit as soon as you walk into the lane. Stop using your gap closer to jump out of the bush. Stop using your CC ability to yell "SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER" out of the bush. You will get WAY more value out of your gank if you simply just walk at the enemy menacingly and wait to see how they react. Just walk up to them like you're about some shit. Hit them with a few auto attacks to let them know you mean business. Then, when THEY flash -- you use your gap closer and CC. Boom, you are now better at ganking. You're welcome.

Step 2: Make your ganks mean something.

Ok so you're the best ganker ever now after reading step 1. You walk into a lane and the enemies quiver in fear at your very presence, and fall over dead from sheer horror. Congratulations, you got a double kill and you didn't even do anything. Now what?

Well, most folks pat themselves on the back and go back to AFK clearing their jungle, full PVE style. Job well done. You're awesome, self. And don't get me wrong -- you ARE awesome -- but you could be MORE AWESOME.

Next time you get a successful gank off where you get some kills or force a recall -- help your laners shove the wave up to the tower. This affords them a favorable recall, maybe gets them some plates, and defends them against a responsive gank from the enemy jungler because nobody with more than 3 brain cells is going to come running into a lane to gank 1v3. You can also use this time to maybe snipe a camp or two since you have full priority in that lane. You can drop a few wards, too! Maybe even secure a neutral objective! The point is, make your successful ganks mean something.

Step 3: Presence is powerful

When you think "Successful gank" usually you're probably thinking "I walked into a lane, people died, members of the opposite sex flocked to fornicate with me (or the same sex, I don't judge), champagne fell from the heavens, and people still sing songs about my glory to this day."

That's all well and good, but did you know that just simply helping your laners get a favorable recall is also a successful gank? If you're clearing your wolves/chickens and you see that both mid laners are at 20% health and completely out of mana -- you should DEFINITELY walk into that lane and just kinda stand side by side with your laner and help them push the wave. DONT TAKE THE CS. Just get the creeps low enough to where your laner can pick up the wave and recall. Congratulations, you just executed a successful gank, and nobody had to die! Same goes for all of your laners. If you see top or bot stacking up a MASSIVE wave against your buddies and you're nearby -- might be a good time to just kinda show up and hang out for a minute. You don't even have to do anything. Just BE THERE.

Bonus: you get a bunch of experience and save your laners from potentially getting dove. Its a win for everybody.

That's all. Enjoy your LP.

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jungle How do I get gud as a jungle main?


Hello. Looking for information to improve as a Jungler main. I believe to have my pathing down (obj, ganks, counterganks, etc.) I've come to notice that in many scenarios teammates will not group for fights or drakes/rift heralds. I've come to learn that this depends on laner presence, wave state (if its not free or advantageous they typically will not come to aid), and champion level/item advantage or disadvantage. How can I communcate better for play calls? I also see alot of the same situations where ist late game and we have won a fight and nobody wants to shove a lane and end or secure baron. Any information is welcomed. Thank you.

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udyr Full clear "plus" on udyr?


So, on udyr you now build jaksho, which is build from that 1200 gold shield item (cant recall the name).

Now, problem is that a full clear + 1 crab only gives a bit under 1000.

With Udyr's clear speed I can usually be at crab as it spawns and take it. If the enemy jungle is there I can often push them off the crab too with udyr's insane lv 4. More often than not I get both crabs.

With both crabs I have about ~1060 gold and i am near the side of the jg that I started on, so I also grab my 2 starting camps again to recall with ~1200 gold and get that shield right away.

My thinking is that backing after 2nd crab would not give me more damage since I only build jaksho and boots before going for demonic, sunfire and the rest of the build, so the time wasted on walking back to start 2nd clear is more efficiently used by clearing my initial jungle quadrant again.

After the recall I can go do my other quadrant and it often works out great.

If there is some problem and I dont get both crabs or I have to recall eariler I get boots and 1 component for the shield, armor or mr depending on the situation.

My question is: am I trolling? Will I get rekt when I leave bronze? If yes then why? (with details please)

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Question can someone please explain how to stop feeding? like, ACTUALLY explain please?


so, i feed the enemy, a lot. I get a bit behind, and get heated. and the enemy snowballs me from my mistakes.

but all anyone ever tells me is to "stop feeding"

so how do i actually stop killing myself? i hate being behind, and often all i can think is "if i can just match them, i can do okay" but it always ends the same. whenever i play more defensively under turret, i miss cs. now the enemy is ahead and im farther behind. and worse, every time i think the enemy overextended, they win another 1v1, and it keeps happening till the end of laning.

and then... well, league is a game about snowballing. i know i make mistake. i know that i am over eager. I know there is something critical in my understanding of the game i am missing. if anyone knows, please tell me. I need something to strive for in my gameplay, because all i can ever seem to do is bang my head against a wall, and every google search and guide i've looked at shows how to get ahead, and never shows what to do when you're already behind.

so essentially, i have two questions.

one: how do i prevent the enemy from getting ahead in kills or cs.

two: if they get ahead, how can i possibly get ahead, or at the very least, stay only very slightly behind.

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garen How to counter crit garen?


That's it. That's the whole question. Played a jg game against a garen as warwick, build spear, sunderer, and ravenous but still would get deleteted in a Q > AA > AA > R. Whole team couldn't couter it.

I know locking him down before he lands the silence is part of the story but is there anything else that can be done against it? Seems ridiculous that a champ as tanky as him can two shot people. I'm not against tanks/fighters dealing damage, I am against them melting health bars like the polar ice caps *cough* FIORA *cough*

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Bot lane Can't figure out how to trade poke as an ADC


I play medium-range ADCs like Jinx/Tristana. Outside of all-ins, trading hardly feels worth it because it feels like I lose or go even every time (nullifying its purpose).

If I AA the enemy ADC, they AA me back almost every time. Last time I posted, I was told to see if they're going to last hit a minion and use that window. I'm in lower ELO (gold) so most of the time they will ignore the minions to hit me anyway, especially if they're someone like Jhin or Draven as they AA harder than me. Even if I watch out for their AA animation, I can't tell if they're about to AA a minion or me and it feels like a coin toss.

Now even if I manage to do this successfully, then the support will poke me super hard. Even a Nami or Sona with their full poke combo does significantly more dmg than one of my auto attacks early-game.

Basically, I feel like I'm always playing from behind when it comes to poke. If I ignore the enemy I'll be forced to back before they do. If I trade, I lose. If I get a good support, lane feels super easy because they set up poke opportunities. What's the key to poke trading?

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Discussion "If you're good enough you can climb out of low elo no problem!" The problem:


Just played this infuriating game where trynd afked at level 4 after raging and feeding two early kills to the enemy top laner. Zeri and Leblanc also fed pretty much the entire game. Fizz and I (belveth) tried as hard as we could to carry despite all this. I even got a freakin pentakill. Endgame kills were 41 to 44.

And yet I still lost LP for this. RIOT "mitigated" the loss by a lousy 6 points. Like wtf. How the fuck is any team going to win a 30 minute game with a level 4 player. Can't they do some calculations and figure out how much of an impact that player should have had, or what percentage of the game the player was missing for or something?

Like why should I lose 10 points for this? How do they expect us to win a 4v5?

Fuck this man

Edit: unrelated note - how do you fight against an ekko in a teamfight? :Do you not attack him at all and save him for last? How do you fight an Ekko? Re-occurring problem of mine. Almost kill him, he resets, how to deal with that? If I don't try to kill him he still can damage me so...what to do?

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Question Does unlocked camera really make a difference?


I’ve never gotten super deep into League. I just came back from a 2 year break, never gone beyond silver. I play Syndra mainly, and I almost always have the camera locked. I’ll click on the map to look at fights and other lanes, but I find it really hard to land skill shots and abilities with an unlocked camera.

There was one time I did a Syndra Q -> E into a bush and couldn’t really see what happened but that I hit something, it was above my camera. My team mate Nasus said “why did you do that you literally got me killed” and I genuinely don’t know what exactly happened.

Is it worth it to spend even more hours practicing with an unlocked camera? I try to look around with the camera when necessary, but I feel like I absolutely can’t land important skillshots unless the camera is locked. I see high elo players perfectly maneuvering their camera, constantly moving their mouse and it seems really difficult to master.

edit: literally my first post on this sub… didn’t expect it to get so much attention. Thanks for all the advice and tips! I’ve already started playing unlocked more and have way more map awareness now. I’ve even been playing Evelynn jungle and watching all the lanes to practice map awareness. Also I meant that I “never made it past silver” as in I just have barely put any hours into league at all, not that I was stuck there.

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botlane Help with certain botlane mu.


I feel like I’ve become fairly decent at the game and mostly comfortable with most of the 2v2s botside. However there are picks that tilt me before I get into game and this is excluding my support picks.

How in the hell do you beat Lucian nami. It can gapclose into adcs like cait, and it’s one of the best skirmishing lanes. One combo from Lucian with nami e does 70 percent of my hp and the lane is over.

Draven also seems very rough for me as well. If my support wants to fight then usually we just lose the 2v2 all in and sometimes we just play safe and stay even in cs. In that case, draven magically gets one payday and is always 1 full item ahead of me.

Is there any specific ways to play against these champs?

I normally play kaisa xayah jinx mf and have pocket cait and trist

ID: Br0kenmyth

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Discussion Crashing big waves is really hard


TW: Stupid 4 years hardstuck Silver IV player who is inept at everything ingame and real life with no op.gg since the Garena merge hasn't happened yet

While playing Shen top, I honestly keep finding myself pushing in small af waves into the enemy tower. Generally, I could kill the enemy toplaner and the sensible thing to do (When my ult is up) is to crash my wave into their tower, but how do I gather a big enough wave? Is it by slow pushing or by challenger levels of timing when the wave would come?

Maybe I could learn something... Or not. I am hardstuck Silver afterall

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Discussion Autofill


I've been autofilled more recently, and started to think what would be the best way to handle it from a "climbing perspective". Ask for a role swap, so you can try to stay in your best champions/role and impact the game more, or take the responsibility and play better than the other filled player. Dodging is not an option as your "fill score" will stay the same. What are your thoughts on this?

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Items [INFOGRAPHIC] Ravenous Hydra - Reworked items in Preseason 13


Hola everyone!

We at Riftclass have made another Infographic. This time, Ravenous Hydra is on the chopping block.You can view the sheet here: https://imgur.com/a/FL30E25

EDIT: Hydra actually has 10% Omnivamp, the wiki and the client are both wrong, sorry for that. Base stats are worth 3204 but gold efficiency for base stats stays at 94%.Total gold value is 4063 but remains at 118% gold efficiency.

We are aware that not all champions that can use Ravenous Hydra are covered on the sheet. Champions like Hecarim, Olaf, Kled and many more are not covered but that does not mean, they're not really strong with Ravenous Hydra!

Constructive criticism and feedback is greatly appreciated!

Best regards,


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Question Question about freezing as ADC


So i've heard alot of good stuff about freezing and how good of a strat it is for laning, but i always feel like whenever i have to go to last hit a minion in the huge wave my opponent has i always eat like a jhin 4 shot, lux e, cait headshot or whatever and just wondering how to avoid getting poked when theyt have a much bigger wave

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Question What do you do on a known invade lvl 1?


Here’s the scenario. Leash red for Jungle with a known enemy Kai’sa/Heimer bot lane in tribush. No vision but support Swain took a couple hits and walked away. I’m playing adc, I type, take the long way to lane and kite down and walk under turret to minion wave to make sure I don’t miss cs/exp.

Swain stayed longer and then walked into tri bush. They were still there, I’m in the wave. He retreats towards red buff and they chase, getting the kill on him and jungle, mid cleaned up the kill on their Kai’sa.

I was flamed for not running there from the minion wave. I was playin Tristana. Was I supposed to leash longer and face check the bush, or do what I did which was push wave with bomb under tower for minion deny, or was I supposed to run back to the fight and try and help?

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Question Why can other squishy champions work alone but not ADC?


There are other immobile squishy carries in the game that don't need constant aid to be relevant in fights. I don't understand how a gold reliant role is weak when ahead since levels don't affect their damage as much.

Quinn can work in a solo lane but not Caitlyn or Ezreal. Cassiopeia is the mage marksmen, single target, CC on W, stun on ult, but Ashe can't work mid or alone.

They all die so easily when other champions have similar resistances/hp and don't die as fast.

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Vi Getting no value out of Conq on Vi?


I an be 15/5/20 and I still got like 300 healing out of it all game...

But I NEED to run triumph and magical footwear.

Triumph carries fights and footwear let's me rush 2 or 3 items before upgrading boots and snowball.

Tried Press The Attack, and got like 1k damage out it which felt more useful, especially when taking down the raid bosses.

Thinking fleet could be good in early skirmishes and for chasing down carries I catch out

Like I want to run electrocute or hob but cant not run triumph and buying boots feels so bad.