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Patch 12.18 Bug Megathread

Greetings Summoners!

With every new patch Riot introduces to balance out champions and items there are some unforeseen issues that creep up and cause disruption during gameplay. We have noticed that these issues which eventually get fixed clutter up the subreddit immediately following the patch.

We want to avoid this by having a single Megathread which will be posted after every patch so that you guys can report the various issues in one place. This allows Riot to easily keep track of the bugs by providing a central hub and also allows other users to confirm that they might have encountered.

Note only bugs caused by the 12.18 Patch should be reported below.

Prerequisites to be noted before reporting a bug

  1. A bug will ideally be accompanied with a screenshot or a video. This provides credibility to your report.
  2. Steps to recreate the bugs should be submitted if possible. This helps Rioters recreate the bug and helps them find the cause behind it.
  3. The bug must have been caused by the latest patch.

Format when reporting a bug: When reporting a bug, please provide as much information as you can about your computer.

Server: The server you encountered the bug (NA, EUW, EUNE, TR, RU, BR, LAS, LAN etc)

Type of Bug: Client Bug, In Game Bug etc

Description: Describe what was the bug that occurred.

Video / Screenshot: Insert screenshot (F12 in game) or Video of the bug occurring.

Steps to reproduce: Provide the steps necessary if someone else had to reproduce the bug.

Expected result: What should have been the result when you follow the steps mentioned above.

Observed result: What was the result you obtained when you followed the steps mentioned above?

Reproduction rate: If you try to recreate the bug how successful are you in causing it to occur? (1/10: Occurs once every 10 tries, 5/10: Occurs 5 times out of 10, 10/10: Happens every single time)

System specs: Processor, Video card, Ram, HDD/SSD, everything you can provide, even drivers.

Example Bug:

• Server: EUW

• Type of Bug: In-Game Bug etc

• Description: Zed's R (Death Mark) does not apply secondary damage

• Insert Video / Screenshot of the incident

• Reproduction rate: 2/10 (happened 2 out of 10 times)

• Steps to reproduce:

Launch a game after selecting Zed as your champion. Attempt to use Death Mark. Observe the result.

• Expected result: The damage should apply after a short delay, amplified by damage dealt during the effect.

• Observed result: The damage will not apply properly.

• System Specs: Intel i5 Processor, Windows 7, Nvidia Graphics card (insert model number) etc.

If you don't know how to format comments on Reddit click here

- **Server:**   
- **Type of Bug:**   
- **Description:**   
- **Video / Screenshot:**   
- **Steps to reproduce:**   
- **Expected result:**   
- **Observed result:**   
- **Reproduction rate:**   
- **System specs:**  

Copy paste the above code and fill in your details.

From this Megathread the list of bugs will not be summarized and put up in the main body of the thread, however, note that many Rioters are going through every single comment so don't worry if you post the 1500th or 3000th comment, every reply will be read over the next few days.



u/claptrap23 Don't take my cannon minion Sep 21 '22

No word on the FPS drops again? Lol


u/kingfart1337 Sep 22 '22

You people really should try to be more vocal about it.

I tried to make several posts here but they were all deleted, maybe someone can get that lucky time of the day. So I went to summonerschool, to get at least some kind of visibility. I sent tweets to Tuxedo and some other dude, Tuxedo said he would pass the info to the relevant people, but that was two weeks ago.

The Riot Support twitter opened DMs for me, but never answered (that was more than a month ago).

The biggest problem here is Riot's silence over this, and the fact we can't make a post here to get some wide attention to this issue.


u/claptrap23 Don't take my cannon minion Sep 22 '22

Yeah I agree. I also posted a couple threads and got 0 attention :/


u/kingfart1337 Sep 22 '22

They were probably shadowed removed, they tend to do this here.

We always have posts making fun of "x bug that happens since 2015~", but when it's something that really matters for the players they get removed. Even if it's a rule (that they often don't follow), they are free to make exceptions and for fucking sure this should be one of them.


u/Disastrous_Cold_1587 Sep 22 '22

Yeah, all posts about this issue get removed. I did elaborate explanations, first occurences, extra info etc. But they just get removed no matter what.


u/F0RGERY Sep 22 '22

/u/galaxysmash Any word on this? Framerate issues have been going on for several patches, and have only gotten worse this patch (Went from a drop of 130ish to 90, to now 80-70 fps, dipping to 50 at times).

Comments on the issue from prior bug megathreads, to help if you can pass along when the issue started, or even acknowledge Riot is aware this is a persistent, constant issue across patches and people.









u/UncleKL Sep 21 '22

Had a massive frame rate issue today. Game became unplayable.


u/lifeinpaddyspub Sep 21 '22

Is it also causing your mouse to jump around? I'm literally only losing like 5-10 FPS (and I have it capped to 144), but every single time it happens my cursor just spastically hops around until the FPS goes back up. It isn't happening for any other game so I'm guessing it must be League related.


u/RandomWeaboo Sep 23 '22

i thought i was mental good thing I'm not the only one experiencing the random mouse teleports


u/claptrap23 Don't take my cannon minion Sep 21 '22

Yeah I can't believe they don't even say a word about it


u/TaitayniuhmMan Sep 22 '22

Yeah my FPS has been dropping from 120 to 60 during teamfights since the patch dropped


u/badtrip426 Sep 22 '22

They posted in a previous thread about it. All they said was update your drivers lol.


u/claptrap23 Don't take my cannon minion Sep 22 '22

They're wrong then. Me and a lot of people have done that. No difference at all.


u/shithead115 Sep 23 '22

they've been saying this for months now to shut us up, no fixes no nothing


u/umbrofer Sep 26 '22

I had an RX 480 8GB now I have an RTX 3060TI the problem continues.:p


u/RiotTony Sep 29 '22

Hey Everyone. I'm a senior engineer at Riot and I specialise in performance issues.

Lets see if we can't get this fixed once and for all.

Most of the reports I've seen seem to be AMD related (some are Intel, but they may be different issues). The data I've seen from bad games looks to be independent of the game mode (happens in TFT and League) and isn't affecting just one portion of the game loop. This indicates that it's probably not due to Riot code.

Searching around even Fortnite seemed to be experiencing issues with a couple of drivers and Epic recommended rolling back to version 22.2.2 (https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/release-notes/rn-rad-win-22-2-2) (This was from 22.5.1 and 22.6.1).

So, if you are experiencing the issue where the game suddenly slows down after 5-10 minutes and is slow for another 5-10 minutes, and have an AMD Ryzen/Radeon, can you please have a look at your AMD driver and see if it is up to date. If so, and you're feeling brave, try rolling it back to 22.2.2 and see if that helps.

If not, let me know and I'll get you to gather some more information after a bad game and we'll see if we can figure this out.


u/der_truffel Oct 12 '22

Tried reverting to 22.2.2, newest drivers, bios update, driver reinstall, moved league installation to another ssd, literally nothing changes and i get heavy stutters at approx 8mins (only game that lags for me), r5 2400g on igpu 32g 3200mhz m2ssd w10 newest (happened on older install too thats why i updated), literally unplayable.


u/RiotTony Oct 19 '22

Does running in Legacy DX9 Mode make a difference?

(From the client, choose settings/Game/"Prefer Legacy DX9 Mode" )

Note, this is not a fix, this is for me to better understand possible root causes.


u/der_truffel Oct 19 '22

i tried it, one game it lessened the spikes but another game it was even worse and i got actual 1-2s freezes instead of just stutters, however i can do more testing later this day.


u/Global_Whorefare Farting Oct 04 '22

Just want to send a note of thanks. I tried everything over the last 4 months including rolling back drivers but did not roll back as far as 22.2.2. This resolved the issue for me as well as an issue with Warzone crashing. Thanks tons man. However, now I have no excuse for my slow slide back into silver so a blessing and a curse.


u/xintiao_ Oct 04 '22

May I ask what CPU & GPU you're using? It looks like most users who've been experiencing FPS stutters are using AMD Ryzen 5/7 CPUs, so just wanted to confirm this was the case for you. Thanks!


u/Planswalker Oct 10 '22

Hey! I am using an AMD Ryzen 5 1600 CPU. Sorry for asking like this, but how do I roll back to 22.2.2 for this kind of CPU? The above link doesn't seem to work for me apparently.


u/claptrap23 Don't take my cannon minion Sep 29 '22

Thanks for addressing the issue Tony!!!

Also yeah I actually play fortnite casually and the game crashes up like every 1/15 games for some reason


u/zkorin 24d ago

I have an NVIDIA gpu so i can't even install the amd adrenalin software, at the start of the game i get 200fps (capped) and after only a few minutes it drops to about 100.

I used to play at 144fps capped with no drops just a few months ago.

i have a Ryzen 2600x, a GTX 1660 Super, 16gb ram and the game is installed on my SSD (Samsung 970 Evo Plus) , OS Windows 11


u/PlotTwistsEverywhere Sep 21 '22

AMD or Intel cpu?


u/UncleKL Sep 21 '22

Intel for me


u/PlotTwistsEverywhere Sep 21 '22

Oh oof, I know AMD has had a long-standing framerate issue for months now, hence me asking.


u/UncleKL Sep 21 '22

I'm not home right now, but I'll see if can get the clip


u/claptrap23 Don't take my cannon minion Sep 21 '22



u/ThatDefron Sep 22 '22

you can disable SMT on BIOS or through software (Ryzen master, project lasso). it improves the situation quite a bit for me, though it's insane that we have to go through these loops to just play the game


u/claptrap23 Don't take my cannon minion Sep 22 '22

Yes I did that. Not 100% as it was before but it has been actually good enough


u/Sea_Cardiologist_470 Sep 23 '22

Yo guys i made a post about this bug. Like it and comment that u got this problem for so long too so we can make it sure that they will have a look.


u/baucher04 Sep 27 '22

Hey dude, no idea if this is relevant at all... but I get fps drops when my Gpu overheats. My cooling system was fucked and I didn't notice until I got fps drops


u/fbgrimfate :Lillia: HOOVES Sep 27 '22

Riot reviewed the statistics and not enough people enduring this bug buy enough anime skins to make it worth their time. Have a nice day.


u/fbgrimfate :Lillia: HOOVES Sep 27 '22


I'm trying to create some noise but it will likely get stuck in some queue again for containing the word bug and never get through.


u/euro8591 Sep 29 '22

I asked riot via ticket and they told me it’s because I have windows 11 and it’s not supported.


u/mRcoRnboRn Sep 23 '22

First time I read about this online(understandable as I don't lurk here often), but I thought I was the only one.

My worst case so far has been on HA, while another used elementalist lux.


u/DarkBagul Sep 21 '22

I just got 5 people in my ranked game under lvl 12. Wtf is going on?


u/Ascheentsm Sep 21 '22

My guess is their Op.gg account needs to be updated because that shouldn't be possible


u/Hunefer1 Sep 21 '22

Can you post the op.gg of that game?


u/BurrStreetX Sep 22 '22

Thats impossible. Unless OPGG didnt update.

Whats the opgg for the game?


u/UncleKL Sep 21 '22

I feel like there's issues with matchmaking.


u/baucher04 Sep 27 '22

You can't play ranked on acc under lol 30


u/Shunnedo Sep 21 '22

- **Server: BR

- **Type of Bug: Visual

- **Description: Champion potraits are not where they are supposed to when using minimap on left.

- **Video / Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/bI1FB5k

- **Steps to reproduce: Open a game of league of legends with minimap on left.

- **Expected result: Potraits align perfectly

- **Observed result: They don't

- **Reproduction rate: 100%

- **System specs:Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-10105F CPU @ 3.70GHz 3.70 GHz
Geforce GTX 1050 Ti

PS: They are fine if your champion is dead


u/False_Bear_8645 Sep 21 '22

PS: They are fine if your champion is dead

Solution : Die all the time


u/GoldFlshOnReddit Sep 22 '22

Happens to me, too. Hope they fix this soon!


u/EnvironmentalCream46 Sep 21 '22

Server: EUNE

Type of Bug: Rewards

Description: can't open 2 orbs from clash

Steps to reproduce: No idea, 2 of my friends can't open them too

Reproduction rate: 100%


u/Meriipu Sep 21 '22 edited Sep 21 '22

Preliminary comments:

I assume the reason for only patch 12.18 bugs is to simplify bisecting to find the change that caused it.

With that in mind I know the exact patch the below bug appeared on, but it took me until last patch to narrow it down so it was too late for the megathread it belonged to.

The exact patch this bug was introduced on is patch 12.4 (the Renata patch). I found this out by combing through my screen recordings looking for the interaction in question, and noting the two patches between which it stopped working.

Since I have gone through a lot of the efforts by narrowing it down, could it be added to the internal bug tracker regardless, despite not strictly being 12.18?


  • Server: EUW
  • Type of Bug: Gameplay
  • Description: Lulu passive - The target Pix is placed on does not take passive damage (in certain situations).
  • Video / Screenshot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4bcxmitKVE

    Video outline:

    • First 2 seconds: issue description.
    • [WORKING] Patch 12.3 match loading screen with version in bottom left corner
    • [WORKING] Patch 12.3 Gameplay video with annotations of working behaviour
    • [BROKEN] Patch 12.4 match loading screen with version in bottom left corner
    • [BROKEN] Patch 12.4 Gameplay video with annotations of broken (and working) behaviour
    • 1:44/Last 10 seconds: Minimal reproduction setup/example
  • Steps to reproduce:

    • Use Lulu E on an enemy to place Pix on them
    • AA a different enemy in front of the E-target so that the E-target is between Pix and the AA-target
    • Observe the 3 passive Pix-bolts passing straight through the E-target without colliding and dealing damage
  • Expected result: The 3 passive bolts should have (if positioned correctly) collided with and damaged the E-target, because the E-target is the first enemy they touch.

  • Observed result: The 3 passive bolts pass through the E-target and instead damage the next target they touch (not necessarily the AA-target).

  • Reproduction rate: 10/10

  • System specs: N/A - Gameplay issue



u/CuatroBoy TWISTED TEA FATE Sep 22 '22

Server: NA

Type of bug: In-game

Description: Auto attacks cancelling/windup us longer than usual, and often inconsistent.

Steps to reproduce: go to practice tool, build a lot of attack speed, and just kite side to side. You'll notice the timing in between auto attacks is inconsistent and only some of the auto attacks will go through.

Expected result: kiting should be smooth when done properly

Observed result: kiting feels more clunky than usual

Reproduction rate: seems to vary depending on the champ you play, currently confirmed with several discords that it's an issue on twitch, Kayle, Nilah, jax and twisted fate. A friend of mine set up a bot to auto attack at a perfectly consistent speed and it still canceled some autos.


u/Fit-Currency-406 Sep 22 '22

Client visual bug: Fright Night Annie splash art on the main page actually displays Annie in Wonderland lol


u/Knowka I miss my old FNC flair Sep 23 '22

Same thing for me, here's a screenshot of it


u/Swaamsalaam Sep 24 '22


• Server: EUW

• Type of Bug: Settings bug

• Description: Settings get reset upon logging in

• Steps to reproduce: 1. Log in

• Expected result: Settings are the same forever

• Observed result: Settings get reset when logging in

Account: "Myth Harm"


u/DragonSlayr2000 [DragonSlayr2000] (EU-W) Sep 24 '22

Happened to me too. I didn't even realize I have such a different setup compared to the default one before this. Thankfully I was in a normal game rather than a ranked one because it was impossible to fix them all in game.


u/anatinus124 Sep 25 '22

Man I had this too yesterday everything was set to default it was so annoying, this has happened before in the past no idea how it's still a thing (also euw)


u/Cryptmaster21 Sep 21 '22

Multiple cases of people walking through trundle’s pillar.


u/Caenen_ Sion expert. Bug Scholar. Sep 21 '22

You got a video example of it?


u/Cryptmaster21 Sep 21 '22

Nah I’m out of town for work atm, I can’t give the proper format for submitting anytime soon, but hopefully someone else can. It happens very frequently since the frozen domain nerf.


u/Anyammis Sep 21 '22

- **Server:** NA
- **Type of Bug:** Challenges
- **Description:** Earlier I won a game as Nami with Everfrost but it did not count towards my "multi weapon master" challenge.
- **Video / Screenshot:** Achievement Bug
- **Steps to reproduce:** Unsure, I was forced to solo lane and the match was weird and they FF'd, any of these could possibly trigger it. Other achievements have been lagging I notice as well not just these ones, but they tend to award the game after I earn them, not no award whatsoever. Also maybe related/unrelated, last patch had matches full on vanish into the void for in game and on websites that track matches.
- **Expected result:** challenges awarding after the game ends
- **Observed result:** challenges either do not award or award a match or two after they should have been earned
- **Reproduction rate:** not awarding once, late awarding almost every match


u/king_aSlen Daisy's BFF Sep 22 '22

• Server: LAS

• Type of Bug: In Game Bug

• Description: Nunu W not dealing damage to lane minions

• Video / Screenshot:

Demonstration #1: https://youtu.be/pnZAIk8i7j0

Demonstration #2: https://youtu.be/7jvAl--_7aY

• Steps to reproduce: With Nunu W, pass through lane minions to deal the first instance of damage, then release it as the snowball is on top of them

• Expected result: The snowball should explode, dealing a second instance of damage and knocking up the lane minions

• Observed result: The snowball disappeared, dealing no damage and thus, not knocking up the minions

• Reproduction rate: 1/50

• System specs: Ryzen 7 3700x, RX 5700 XT, Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32gb DDR4, Samsung Evo Pro SSD 500gb.


u/Caenen_ Sion expert. Bug Scholar. Sep 26 '22

This is a bug where the snowball somehow collides with a unit at the previous W's explosion location instead, and explodes there. I don't know how to reliably reproduce it, but it's probably because of some variable not cleared up properly between casts. Sometimes I wish I could see Riot's spell scripts.


u/OnyxShadow321 Spirit of Ionia and Targon Sep 23 '22

Server: NA

Type of Bug: Visual/In-Game

Description: If Coven Morgana auto attacks with her left arm and moves, she glides on the ground, and her animation glitches for a short time.

Video / Screenshot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRb1bJTGJU0

Steps to reproduce: Use Coven Morgana and auto attack and move. If she uses her left arm, the glitch will happen.

Expected result: No animation glitch.

Observed result: Animation glitch.

Reproduction rate: 10/10 if she uses her left arm.

System specs: N/A


u/CatPanda5 Sep 23 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

• Server: EUW

• Type of Bug: client

• Description: Challenges don't update properly, usually the harder to complete ones. I have had both "Free Ticket to base" and "active participant" not update correctly in 2 separate games, despite executing at 6mins for the former and having 43/45 kill participation for the latter. I also won both games, even though that isn't a stipulated requirement.

Update: seems to be a problem with the challenges as I just executed at 4mins and didn't get the update. It doesn't update at the end of the game nor in the challenges section of my profile.

• Video / Screenshot: N/A

• Steps to reproduce: play Aram games, fulfil some of the harder requirements (I've had no issues with takedowns, CS, the damage/minute one etc)

• Expected result: all the challenges I fulfilled in a game update correctly

• Observed result: some of my fulfilled challenges do not update correctly.

• Reproduction rate: 1/10

• System specs: n/a


u/AlexRuiz_ Sep 26 '22

can confirm have multiple games of free ticket to base executions without any progress


u/RegalSkye Sep 24 '22

Played a few games this morning, then after one game my friends list disappeared, my status was set to 'EUW - 1' and I could not queue into any game or mode including TFT. The strangest thing is that my alts work, it's just my main which has a completely broken client. I tested and buying rp still works ofc :)) but nothing else.

Server: EUW

• Type of Bug: Client/Connection bug

• Description: Cannot see friends list or queue into games

• Screenshot: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/897630473696718909/1023208006088937532/unknown.png

Note that the 'find match' button only greys out once you try to find a game

• Reproduction rate: 10/10, the account is literally unusable

• Steps to reproduce: Log into the afflicted account

• Expected result: I can use my account

• Observed result: I cannot use my account

• System Specs: Ryzen 7 5800x, Windows 10, RTX 3070ti

There is nothing on the support site for dealing with this. Additionally, when trying to log in to send a ticket, the support site returns the following error message:



u/Fluffow Sep 24 '22 edited Sep 24 '22

Fixed after changing my Pi-Hole DNS to allow ekg.riotgames.com, then I played a game and then I restarted my client and it started working again.


u/RegalSkye Sep 24 '22

I don't know what pi-hole is, could you elaborate?


u/Fluffow Sep 24 '22

I got the same thing, super annoying


u/tanx16 Sep 26 '22
  • Server:
  • Type of Bug:
  • Description:
    Free Ticket to Base challenge fails to increment
  • Steps to reproduce:
    Play aram, execute before 10 minutes
  • Expected result:
    Challenge increments
  • Observed result:
    Challenge does not increment
  • Reproduction rate:
    100% (Out of 2 games I noticed)


u/ventmaster69 Sep 26 '22
  • Server: NA
  • Type of Bug: Can't Queue
  • Description: can't queue.
  • Video / Screenshot:
  • Steps to reproduce:
  • Click on play
  • Select mode
  • Select roles
  • Click on queue
  • ???
  • Nothing happens
  • Repeat step 4
  • Face step 5 and 6
  • Get a notification from riot "youre denying too many games"
  • ????
  • Suffer
  • Expected result: get in queue
  • Observed result: can't queue
  • Reproduction rate: 100%
  • System specs: predator helios 300


u/KnugOfSweden Sep 26 '22

This happened until I restarted the Riot Client part of LoL. Didn't help to close LoL then press play on the Riot Client. I had to quit the Riot Client completely.


u/Sonicfanboy123 Sep 22 '22

• Server: EUW

• Type of Bug: In-Game Visual Bug

• Description: The indicators/projectiles of some champion abilities (Yuumi Q when inside an ally, Janna Q and Jinx R) start at weird positions, often a flash-distance in front of the champion and travel through the target and teleport back to the target for a hit.

• Reproduction rate: 10/10

• Steps to reproduce:

Play Janna, cast Q, watch tornado spawn from a flash-distance away, pass the target and then teleport back to target.

Link to video of bug: https://imgur.com/a/cRhLdDm


u/B8ff Sep 24 '22

lots of fps drops and the game freezing...


u/MrStalinko Sep 24 '22

Anyone having an issue all of a sudden with hitting tab to open the scoreboard and it sticking open sometimes? Not to mention I also caused the game to fully crash last night when it stuck on the screen then I opened and closed the shop real quick.


u/geoffry31 Sep 25 '22
  • Server: EUW
  • Type of Bug: In Game, Probably Visual
  • Description: Nunu's Q (Snowball attack), got stuck and remained spinning in place for the remainder of the game. If I walked under it, my character would sometimes do a walking animation on the spot. Fairly sure other players in game could see it too.I downloaded the game replay, and the bug was not visible. Hence probably visual bug.
  • Video / Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/tCcfwxI
  • Steps to reproduce: Wasn't playing Nunu so not clear. I think it was about to hit Mordekaiser at the time the bug happened. Not sure if damage was delivered from it either.
  • Expected result: Nunu's ball disappear after it hits a player/environment.
  • Observed result: It got stuck in place and continued spinning, not harming players that walked through it.
  • Reproduction rate:

Did not attempt to reproduce.

  • System specs:

1080GTX, Windows 10


u/Caenen_ Sion expert. Bug Scholar. Sep 26 '22

This bug exists for a long long time. Any minion that dies the same tick it comes into vision (for the first time?) can reproduce it, including lane minions (e.g. killing them on-spawn), Nunu releasing W on the tick he and the snowball come into vision (the attached snowball unit is killed and a new snowball missile is spawned), Quinn Valor (same principle), Kindred Wolf all have been seen reproducing it.

The minion then sticks around on 0hp clientside since the client is never told or fails to understand that the minion is killed and should be removed. This may be up to order in which it receives the packets; Until your client gets vision of a unit for the first time, it does not know of it. So maybe that is simply the cause.

The minion is properly killed serverside since it knows everything, and for the same reason the replay cannot reproduce it (it also has info on all units at all times when reproducing the game). Since the bug is related to player clients' vision, it typically is visible to all 5 players of one team at a time but not to the enemy.


u/NateDizzLey Sep 25 '22

I hate complaining about things but the amount of bots in ranked games is ridiculous and makes the game unplayable


u/AssasSylas_Creed Sep 26 '22 edited Sep 26 '22

Original Post

• Server: ALL

• Type of Bug: In-Game Bug, skin.

• Description: Ashen Slayer Sylas does not show the wings when use the ultimate in 99% of cases.

• Video of the incident: https://youtu.be/AJMTOVl1_Qs

• Reproduction rate: 10/10 (happened 10 out of 10 times)

• Steps to reproduce:

**- Patch 12.18 ***Recently the Ashen Slayer Sylas skin was released and one of the most cool features of this skin is its beautiful wings that only appear in two situations:

  • 1 During the recall.
  • 2 When Sylas steals an ultimate.

The problem is in the second animation, the wings do not appear in 99% of the situations in the game.Unfortunately, the wings are tied to Sylas's R animation, so if Sylas' player simply does any action like walking, the animation is canceled and the wings don't even appear.

let me show:

This is the correct form of the animation:

• Expected result: (https://youtu.be/0MzkITA-OeY)

Sylas uses his ultimate and the wings work as they should. However notice that Sylas is standing still all the time and does not receive commands during the entire animation.

But see how the skin behaves in a normal gameplay:

• Observed result: (https://youtu.be/OdJmXbl0Hws)

The animation is canceled by literally any player action unless the player comes to a complete stop without giving the champion any commands or perform any action until the end of the animation, it would probably kill him.

As you can see in the PBE Feedback, some people asked for wings to be added to other skills, like E1 dash for example, but the answer obtained was that the skins team wanted to keep the moment of the ultimate "impactful".

Official response from PBE feedback: (https://i.imgur.com/9D14aVr.png)

But if the wings don't show up in 99% of cases, what's the point?

This skin is expensive, rare and is in the store for a limited time and not getting the love she deserves. If the wings animation is tied to R which can be easily canceled by literally any player action, they will never appear in normal gameplay so there's no impactful moment.

Sylas' Ultimate is not like Mordekaiser where the whole scenario changes or like Yone / Yasuo at the "Let's F. Gooooo" moments, it is just a chain flying to the target. His most impactful moment is probably when he is holding an ultimate where he can get visual changes.

Here you can see an example of a normal gameplay where the player use his ultimate and the wings did not appear.

And here are another example.

• System Specs: Processor: AMD A6-7480, Video card: Radeon R5, Ram 8GB, HDD.


u/Interesting-Yak-2564 Sep 26 '22

Are Support Bots a Bug? Or a feature?


u/A_Very_Horny_Zed Sep 21 '22

• Type of Bug: In game, audio-related

• Description: Zed does not play a voice effort sound when he swaps positions with R shadow.

• Steps to reproduce: 100% reproducible by going into Practice Tool and swapping positions with R shadow.

• Expected result: When swapping positions with R shadow, Zed should pull from the same pool of voice lines as when he swaps with the W shadow. This does not happen. He does not vocalize.


u/harm_coaching Sep 22 '22

• Server: EUW

• Type of Bug: End of game

• Description: Loss prevented not working

• Steps to reproduce: 1. Player disconnects 2. "a player is AFK, you now may surrender" 3. Player reconnects while surrender vote is hanging

• Expected result: Loss prevented

• Observed result: Defeat

• Reproduction rate: 1/1

• System specs: Irrelevant

This is the game, please make sure to compensate LP for all players. https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/match/euw/6074633820#participant9


u/Loose-Construction13 Sep 22 '22

When do haunting skins come out?


u/7h3b055 Sep 22 '22

They are out now.


u/Persona1994 Sep 23 '22

The color of Fright Night Nautilus's anchor candelabra flames are wrong while using his chromas in game. It just display the base skins colors when Riot's picture show them matching the color of each unique chroma.


u/OGBobbJohnson Sep 23 '22

When are they going to fix the application crashing and then not opening after every game? Been waiting on that patch for a min now!


u/Tewsxz Sep 23 '22

Is there someone having the bug where the kill scores and your kda on the top right is just empty? It still shows the versus sign and stuff, but the numbers aren't there. Even the dragons taken scoreboard is empty when I press tab.


u/Hams_23 Sep 23 '22

- **Server:** NA

- **Type of Bug:** Visual

- **Description:** Ashen knight pyke chroma W ability vfx is bugged

- **Video / Screenshot:** https://www.reddit.com/r/pykemains/comments/xkkezp/ashen_knight_pyke_chroma_w_bug_repost_for_clarity/


u/koticgood Sep 23 '22

Not related to the game, but the world pickems:

Just me, or does locking in a pick literally take 10 seconds?


u/CylusDrops CertainlyT makes stupid champs. Sep 24 '22

no one else seeing the lux e bug where her e is a giant mass of blurryness???


u/Aromatic_Tonight_632 Sep 24 '22


low fps rate 80-105 fps

Windows 11


Nvidia RTX 350


u/naBstaer Sep 24 '22

Today when I logged in, I lost all my settings and all my rune pages were deleted. It was like I was logged into a new account. I had to redo my entire settings, which was very annoying to do during a game.

Last action I did was a dodging a game one day prior


u/poopasadge Sep 24 '22

Is the dragon treasure chest quest going to get fixed or?


u/-nidzola- Sep 24 '22

Server: Eune

Type of Bug: Ingame Description: Game randomly turns off target selection Expected result: You can select targets Observed result: You cant select tagrets (Jungle Plants, Auto Attack, Point and Click abilities like Bladesurge Reproduction rate: 20% Specs: Probably doesen't matter because i have the same bug on my PC and Laptop

The bug fixes when you click the button below Escape


u/Meriipu Sep 25 '22

is "target champions only" set to toggle?


u/tonyhawkprokisser Sep 25 '22

Totally but how tanked works is trash.


u/ram905 Sep 26 '22

Have a Good day gamers !


u/thedarkdrift don't rework pls Sep 26 '22

- **Server: Japan**
- **Type of Bug: Cannot Login**
- **Description: Whole client just crashed and when I try to get back in it says I'm in queue to get in before shutting my client off**
- **Video / Screenshot:**
- **Steps to reproduce: Every time since like 3PM JST, all accounts**
- **Expected result: (Still silently waiting)**
- **Observed result: Much frustration**
- **Reproduction rate: Server crashes every other week now**
- **System specs:**


u/pke_master Sep 26 '22
  • Server: NA

  • Type of Bug: Failure to properly give LP mitigation with an AFK teammate

  • Description: Teammate goes AFK in game, game gives the option to early surrender; team voted no since teammate came back. Teammate goes AFK again and team votes yes on 2nd early surrender vote. Game ends, the player is not denoted as AFK (the red X around their name) and there is no LP loss mitigation given

  • Video / Screenshot: Game ID: 4447410624

  • Steps to reproduce: Teammate goes AFK in game, game gives the option to early surrender; team voted no since teammate came back. Teammate goes AFK again and team votes yes on 2nd early surrender vote.

  • Expected result: Player is detected as AFK in the post game lobby and the team is given LP mitigation

  • Observed result: Entire team gets credited with a loss with no LP mitigation and no detection of the AFK player, despite being given the opportunity to early surrender in game

  • Reproduction rate: unknown

  • System specs: irrelevant


u/umbrofer Sep 26 '22

Server: BR

- Type of Bug: In-Game bug

- Description: The FPS droppes hard during the game, and after some minutes it's impossible to play. I've submitted a support ticket about it and have done all possible procedures you can imagine, but it's bugged. (not fixed since 12.11 patch :))))

- Steps to reproduce: start a game, wait 5-9mins

- Expected result: I do not lag at any point in game

- Observed result: I lag in game

- Reproduction rate: 10/10

- System specs: RTX 3060TI Ryzen 5 2600, 16GB RAM

Unfortunately, the bug is still on and it's been many update patchs since the first complain about it and Riot haven't fixed it yet.

I did an update. I had an RX 480, now an RTX 3060TI and still the same problem :p Ty riot games.


u/RiotTony Sep 29 '22

Hey umbrofer. What's the driver version for your GPU? There have been some reports of DX11 performance issues with some AMD drivers.


u/umbrofer Sep 30 '22

3060TI e

Adrenalin 22.5.1.
But, currently have an RTX 3060 TI drive 517.48 and the same problem persists.
I'm sure this problem is CPU related.
It's just on League


u/RiotTony Sep 30 '22

Can you try the 22.9.2 drivers? AMD have been having issues with DX11 for a few driver versions. Even Epic has been recommending downgrading to 22.2.2 to fix issues in Fortnite (see here: https://www.epicgames.com/help/en-US/epic-games-store-c5719341124379/launcher-support-c5719357217435/rolling-back-amd-drivers-a6845503685403).

If 22.9.2 doesn't work, then the next step is to try 22.2.2

Let me know how you go.


u/umbrofer Sep 30 '22

óximo passo é tentar 22.2.

So... It's like I told you now I'm using a RTX 3060TI (nvidia) and the same problem continues


u/RiotTony Sep 30 '22

Sorry. Missed that bit.

So, after you have played a game where you've experienced that slow down, can you send me the .RPD file found in "Riot GamesLeague of LegendsLogs"? You can DM me a link to it if you like. The RPD file will give me detailed information about the performance of your last game.


u/Mr_Discus Sep 26 '22

- Server: EUW

- Type of Bug: In-Game

- Description: As Sivir, when pressing Q with auto-attack on single press selected (so I only have to hold Q and let go and it activates), it will often not go at all. The Q throws her boomerang, and now it will show up the skillshot reticule but occasionally when I let go the boomerang doesn't go, which is new as of like 12.17 and still hasn't been fixed with this patch.

- Steps to reproduce: Play Sivir, set your abilities to the quick/auto activate thing, then try to throw Q, eventually it won't happen/

- Expected result: She throws Q.

- Observed result: She doesn't throw Q.

- Reproduction rate: Like at least once a match, once every few tens of throws I'd say.

- System specs: Idk average laptop.


u/Service-Neat Sep 27 '22

Ghost lag in random games with no internet problems at all


u/PowrOfFriendship_ Sep 27 '22 edited Sep 27 '22

Server: EUW

Type of Bug: Gameplay

Description: Bonus AD and AP from Titanic Hydra and Demonic Embrace don't count towards Kai'Sa's evolutions.

Video/Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/Aw0eKI7

Steps to Reproduce:

​1. Play Kai'Sa

  1. Buy Demonic Embrace and/or Titanic Hydra.

  2. Have enough bonus health that DE or TH would give you the stats to evolve

Expected Result: Q/W can be evolved.

Observed Result: Bonus stats from Demonic Embrace and Titanic Hydra don't count towards Q/W evolves, while they do from other items (like Muramana).

Reproduction Rate: 100%

System Specs: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10700K CPU @ 3.80GHz 3.79 GHz

This bug has been around since at least January when I first saw it, and reported it through the in client bug report then.


u/Additional-Goose-264 Sep 27 '22

Server :EUNE
Type of bug : In Game Bug Type C
Description : When the player has the skin Ashen knight and activates Pyke's w called Ghostwater Dive , the model that shows is different from the original model shown before the patch
Reproduction rate :10/10

Steps to reproduce :

1 Launch a game and choose the champion Pyke
2 Select the skin called Ashen Knight
3 Enter the game and activate the champion's second ability
4 Observe the model that is shown during the said ability's cast

observed result : the model that the skin shows is different from the original model that was before the patch

System requirments : AMD RYZEN 5 3600 , 16 GB RAM , NVIDIA GRAPHICS CARD 2060 RTX , WINDOWS 7


u/geoffry31 Sep 29 '22
  • Server: EUW
  • Type of Bug: In Game, Visual
  • Description:
    When Nunu (Space Groove skin) lets go of their snowball (W) early. It disappears, only showing the trail on the ground. Additionally, at this time I get some long dark blue polygons across my screen.
  • Video / Screenshot:

Didn't manage to capture one during the game.

  • Steps to reproduce:
  • Expected result:
    Ball remains visible, no broken polygons.
  • Observed result:
    It disappears, only showing the trail on the ground. Additionally, at this time I get some long dark blue polygons across my screen.
  • Reproduction rate:
    Unknown, bug wasn't present in a Replay.
  • System specs:

Nvidia GPU (1080GTX), another player in my team confirmed they had the same issue with an Nvidia GPU. A different player said it was fine for them (GPU unknown).


u/Kroesus Sep 29 '22
  • Server: EUW
  • Type of Bug: Champion tooltip
  • Description: Leona W tooltip does not display correct Magic Resist scaling or correct total Magic Resist when W is enabled. Correct amount of Magic Resist is actually gained - purely a tooltip bug. Armour is working correctly.
  • Steps to reproduce: Buy magic resist and enable W. Tooltip wont show correct numbers.
  • Expected result: Magic resist: 35+20% = 35 (+whatever extra magic resist you have bought/obtained)
  • Observed result: Magic resist: 35+0.2 = 35 (locked at 35 no matter how much extra magic resist bought/obtained)
  • Reproduction rate: 10/10


u/Z_a_q Sep 30 '22

Sever: NA

Type of Bug: In-Game

Description: No way to swap mouse buttons for left-handed mouse.

Steps to Reproduce: Enter a game while using a left-handed mouse that is working properly in the pre-game client.

Expected Result: The game actually correctly detecting my left-handed mouse (as the pre-game client did).

Observed Result: The game instead thinks I'm on a right-handed mouse.

Reproduction Rate: 10/10

System Specs: The mouse is Logitech. I've tried using both the windows settings and the Logi Options+ program from Logitech for my mouse settings. Both are recognized by the pre-game client but neither is recognized by the game itself.


u/Carter1599 Oct 01 '22

Is there anyone getting the bug where they can only equip one token ?


u/OneekunxD Oct 02 '22

After Gragas "hotfix" the Airborne status from his ultimate ends long before the target actually stops moving. This means people can flash and do actions while they are technically still airborne.

Go into practice tool, and use Gragas Ult on a dummy and you will see what I mean,


u/Champagne_Soda Oct 05 '22

- **Server:** NA and PBE

- **Type of Bug:** Champion interaction

- **Description:** Syndra's E ignores Gwen W

- **Video / Screenshot:** https://youtu.be/njktHN-yqRU https://youtu.be/0MUF0IZp898
- **Steps to reproduce:** Pick Gwen and have a friend pick Syndra on the opposite team in a custom game. Press W on Gwen and have Syndra press E or Q and E on Gwen while outside her mist

- **Expected result:** Gwen does not get pushed back by Syndra E because Syndra is outside of Gwen W and Gwen is immune

- **Observed result:** Gwen gets pushed back by Syndra E

- **Reproduction rate:** 100%


u/10Years- Sep 23 '22

Athema chains still isn't cast / activate'able while dead.

• Server: What League server doesnt?

• Type of Bug: In-Game Bug etc

• Description: Athema chains still isn't cast / activate'able while dead.

• Insert Video / Screenshot of the incident: Who can't reproduce this easy bug?

• Reproduction rate: Who hasn't reproduced this?

• Steps to reproduce: Buy athema chans and die, and u can't cast it.

• Expected result: It will cast while dead.

• Observed result: It did not cast while dead.

• System Specs: What specs this bug doesn't happen?