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G2 Hel Vs Qlash Midnight Game 2 is about to start for anyone interested


Here's the link

The score is 0-1 currently. This is part of the rising stars tournament and it's on the new patch.

Decided to share for anyone curious about the event or any eSports starved people.

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Is vex overpowered?


title. just started playing her and she seems so good - I'm not even playing well and winning lane everytime. she has so much dmg, mobility, even some cc's and a shield for survivability. I ain't no expert but just wanna know if shes gonna get nerfed soon or if she's actually balanced - and if so, what actually makes her balanced?

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Matchmaking in normals are worse that ever was been!


I am a normals player cant play rank because i got to tilted or mad so i only play normals but it fils impossible to play almost every game me and my team get stomp by 3 golld on there team and us having 1 player on the same rank if we are lucky.

I very close to give up on league because of this i know that i am bad and can play better but i just want to have fun but playing vs this teams is impossible all premades in voice comps perma ganking my lane or if i am on the jungle perma invading is impossible

Do you guys feel the same?

Sorry for the english is not my 1 language

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Why aren't discord calls more of a thing in (soloq) league?


After playing my first 5 stack with freinds for the first time after being a solo/duo only player, I've gotten to experience for the first time how different this game is when you are a team. You don't have to have insane mechanics but if everyone's on the same page you have such an edge over your team mates because it isn't pure chaos.

The old pings used to be fine, the new ones are ok if a bit clunky but objective votes just highlight the glaring difference between solo/duo and that is decisions and calls in this game can change on a dime, not only is being on the same page a huge advantage but doing so in a timely manor is also pretty critical.

This is a team objective based game I'm not sure why riot are very vehoment on not having voice chat but it's a lost cause at this point, but what is stopping all of us from volunteering to join a call in our soloq games?

Toxicity will never go away that's just how online spaces are even more so in competitive games but if you and even 2 or more of your team have comms, it gives you such a huge edge over your uncoordinated enemy team.

I know it's not "really" in the spirit of soloq but this is a team game by more than its spirit, its by its design. Its a lot more of an enjoyable experience, the games where all 5 of your team are trying are the best ones win or lose.

So why don't people do it more often? Is it just genuine anxiety with talking to other people? Not wanting to deal with potentially toxic people on comms?

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Looking for a Caster for tournament.


Looking for English speaker caster,
price 20$ (USDT) per day, for 3 bo3 matches
3 days per week (Monday, Friday, Sunday) from 3:00am till ~10-11am (UTC-0 timezone)
My discord - Imba#5399

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I think Rell needs a little help


Relatively new player here, played rell for the first time on rotation and liked her vibe so thought I'd splash out the 6300 BE to get her. While I do enjoy her design and play style, to an extent, I can't help but be frustrated everytime I do play her for a number of reasons.

  1. Ward clear speed. Its abysmal. The amount of times my sweeper has run with 1 bar left on the ward is ridiculous. Clearing reds is painful. Maybe she could do 2 bars per auto?
  2. Rell's playstyle is pretty much, hard engage then hope for the best, i.e., hope your team follows up with good dmg. While that's not unusual, the difference is that she does no fucking dmg compared to other hard engage champs like Leona and Naut. So while those champs go in, and can do a decent bit of dmg with cc to compliment the ADC, Rell just has to sit there and wait for cooldowns. It feels weird.
  3. Abilities - W and Ult are cool, though her W cooldown is too high IMO, I would rather they significantly reduced the 'remount cooldown' but not the 'crash' one and removed the remount knock up to balance. Q is dog water, doesn't really feel like a real ability and you probably get more worth just auto attacking. Her E is okay but clunky.

I get that Rell can be super useful when carefully coordinated (in proplay for example), and sometimes going in with a big W, E R does feel nice, but all it just doesn't feel right.

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Who is the biggest culprit of skin clarity?


For me it has to be sett. For a lot of his skins I can’t even tell who it is. It’s really annoying in team fights, because some times I will walk into his melee range.

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The Darkin dog as a Bakkai?


Like come on, we just got the introduction of Baccai (thanks to Arsenije32 for the correction) as animals exposed to the ascension ritual thanks to K'sante lore, Darkin are ancient Ascended, and just giving a knife to a random dog, even with the mutations it will bring to its body, would not be enough for me if it makes sense.

Plus, the first art we got from this is a dagger burried under sand, and where there's sand? Yeah, on every coast, but in Shurima to! COME. ON.

I might be on copium, but it's a sincere hope that this Darkin will be a big muscular hulking bulking monster from the start, with color pattern and flesh mutations of the Darkin possession on top of it.

EDIT : For the lore nerds in the comments, I'm...one of you, lel. I've done my homeworks, I know that Baccai are originally failed Ascended. When I said "we just got the introduction of Baccai as animals..." I meant what I meant : Baccai in general are not animals Ascended abominations, but within this category we now have the animals. Plus, but this point got discussed about with Arsenije, I thought Baccai were never introduced in LoL lore (by opposition to LoR which is atm not canon) before, so by this logic the animals would have in fact been the first iteration of Baccai kind, but it was apparently not

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Anyone Know when League will be on Game Pass?


I've been looking around and all I can seem to find is late 2022/early 2023. Has anyone seen an exact date yet?

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Very proud of this play 4v1, loving Heartsteel


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If I were to buy all of the skins, would it be reasonable to ask for 2022 version of the prestige skin instead of pax tf/sivir/whatever else is in the box?


It does technically allow you to get a skin that is no longer there and is very limited, so why wouldn’t that be an option?

It is somewhat hard to buy EVERY POSSIBLE SKIN. Should it be included in the prize pool? Why or why not?

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Mundo CGU concept I had (Take this with a grain of salt)


Basically, this concept revolves around remaking Q, W and E, mainly because the overall design of his current kit doesn't really solve a few issues Mundo has.

So much in fact, that in a sense, trying to give him a Fiddlesticks styled rework is arguably not enough for some, and needs more major changes compared to how his official VGU had done.

This isn't meant to necessarily solve his Statchecky nature, since my issue with his kit is that he is a Statchecker, and nothing else going for him aside of that.

This concept is focusing on giving him something more that Mundo has to work with in order to gain his results, as well as have a bit more interactivity around his Kit.

This is mainly just a concept, and won't dive into much detail.

Now here is what is kept:

  • Passive and Ultimate are generally the same. How they generally work is mostly kept, with the exception of how Ultimate works as less of an "All or Nothing" ability as it was before, and the bonus AD from the steroid is now removed (Much like the changes in PBE).
  • He still has HP scaling's as he did before, meaning he still needs to build tank items

Now here's the rest of his kit:

Q - Heart Zapper

Mundo thrusts his defibrillator forward. Enemy units hit by the defib are tethered between them and Mundo, dealing AP damage for a few seconds before exploding, dealing a small burst of AP damage. If he lands it on a target coated by his New W, they both get electrocuted, creating an AOE by both sides as the opponent deals increased AP damage.

The target can remove the tether by going out of it's AOE range from where Mundo is.

(Basically, a mix between Kleds mounted Q, and a normal melee skillshot that acts as an AP waveclearing tool, that isn't as consistently damaging as his Cleaver Q, as well as less spammable, in the exchange for a stronger waveclear and stronger damage upon using it on soaked targets)

W - Extravenous Therapy

Mundo forcefully lobs a bottle of strong liquid antibiotics to treat a viral disease, slowing them upon hit. Enemies hit will be completely soaked in a conveniently conductive medicine, changing the properties of both his Heart Zapper and Blunt Force Trauma.

(This is Mundos main tool for starting his power. Both to start Trades, waveclear, counterattack the opponent abilities, and such. He can decide what specific target should either get the stun from his E, or deal better damage from his Q)

E - Blunt Force Trauma

Mundo takes his medical bag and swings it at a target when he uses a basic attack.

Acts similar to his Current E, including some AD upon lower Health, but instead of a Push execute, it now stuns a target when landing it on a Soaked target.

(Since the waveclearing property is now on his W/Q, E is now more of a setup/counter tool, meaning to stop people in their place to catch up to them, or countering their opponent's ability against Mundo)

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How Screwed Am I?


I would like to start by saying I have never played this game, however today in calculus class I got confident and challenged someone with 2000 hours on league to a 1v1, I have a day or two to train, and am ok at most games (I have some experience with smite, dont flame me, it might help with my understanding of league). All I know is that he mains "Velkoz" and was boasting about being able to one shot me. How screwed am I? Is there some cheese strat I can practice or some mega counter I can take advantage of? Any good places to find a coach to help me prep for this battle? Thanks in advance.

edit: I only need to cheese 1 kill, then I log off and clown him forever.

edit 2: He is gold.... dont ask me how 2k hours and only gold, but this makes me think I might have a chance.

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Has anyone been having problems with surrendering?


Idk why but for the past couple of days I’ve been experiencing a lot of ffs, for completely winnable games. If ur gonna give up, why play. And if u got stuff to do, just go afk. There’s no reason make 9 other players stop playing just cuz u gotta leave.

I wish surrendering could be disabled or regulated, but Ik that’s a bad idea.

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Frame-Perfect steal! This happened last night, Voli’s Smite and my Q hit at the exact same frame. I didn’t have vision on it after the E explosion.


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Anivia Compilation


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How is Sivir doing?


I just played this champion and to be honest, I am disappointed. It was me against Tristana and her damage seemed low, where a Tristana combo 70% HP me. Tristana wasn't even ahead of me. I didn't feel confident enough to win a 1 vs 1 against her.

In teamfights, kiting didn't do much either. Like there was no damage present at all. Sivir is a B tier according to u.gg, while Tristana a S tier, so I guess where the rank is coming from. Sivir is not terrible though.

Does this champion need to be buffed?

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mordekaiser jungle


if you guys are looking for something easy to play and win on, morde jg is completely overturned atm. he destroys lots of strong junglers such as hecarim and really only loses to stuff like master yi or trundle i guess. abuse while you can, it’s getting nerfed for sure

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Lol download size


Hi, so I am trying to reinstall lol, but on the “downloading | game “, it shows 12000MB. I know nothing of PC, so just curious, is this normal? I don’t recall that I ever have to download this much

Edit: nvm, is normal, for some reason I thought it should be around 8GB, sorry

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I got permanent banned on livestream for using 3rd party programs on fresh account


Hello, I’m small streamer with 300-400 viewers. For preseason I decided to make new account, played a lot of normals so I can get higher mmr. Finally reached level 30 and played 15 ranked games and I got banned for using 3rd party programs. I contacted riot games but they told me that they reviewed manually the account and they won’t lift the ban. I’ve told them all normal games and ranked games are on stream I have vods of every single game played on this account but they said they won’t lift the ban. I don’t use any porofesors/u.gg anything. I had curseforge for world of Warcraft to install addons but nothing with league of legends. Can someone please advise me. Now I’m scarred to login into any account and play because i might get perma on my mains.

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Displacement effects should still work on hourglass.


Now hear me out. I understand it negates damage and prevents you from being targeted, but I feel like AOE displacement effects should still work. If I feel like if a kennen can face check my bush and ult and hourglass, I should be allowed to push him away as a counter as an example. Nothing in this game should be able to be NOT counter-able. Morge ult, Kennen Ult, Fiddle Ult, I just don't understand how this subtle change is allowed. It also opens up being able to push your ally into the enemy if needed using things like Anivia Wall instead of oh anivia placed wall on hourglass, guess your just god now because your clip protected or oh, sorry Azir! Your ult which is supposed to push everything, oh no silly you! Hour glass ignores your ult and just walks through to kill you!

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Imagine if I'm wielding your weapon.


I Just had an Idea for jax's rework..

Since he's called the Grand Master Of Arms. Jax Is an all around Weapon utilizer. Grabbing anything on the battlefield to suit his situation.

Here's my thoughts on his skill set.

Passive: [Ready for Battle]

Jax starts with a lamp dealing Ap/Ad damage.

  • For Every 10 minion/creep that dies around Jax, they drop a weapon.

  • Fallen allies/Enemies drop a weapon they are wielding.

Jax can pick it up and gain the following:

  1. [Melee or Range]

  2. When Jax recieves damage three (03) times from an enemy champion. The weapon he picked up gets destroyed, he then reverts back to his lamp.

  3. Champions not wielding anything always drops a knuckled weapon

Q - [Dynamic Entry]

  • When wielding Guns, chains & Whips. Jax hops like kalista's AA mechanic

  • When wielding swords, staffs&spears. Jax lunges, similar to fiora's Q

  • When Jax is wielding his lamp, knives,knuckles,axes. He leaps to any Target unit (same as current Q).

W - [Expertise]

  • Bladed weapons deal Ad damage and inflict bleed..

  • Blunt weapons deal AP damage and knock back enemies..

  • Knuckle weapons deal AD damage and stun enemies..

  • Projectile weapons deal AD damage and slows enemies.

  • Whips & chains deal AP damage and root enemies..

E - [Counter-Strike]

Parries/Blocks enemy Auto. (no stun)

R - [Grand Master's Prowess]

If Jax is using his lamp, each successive hit on the same target increases its damage. Jax displays his Mastery of the weapon he is currently wielding. He gains increased attack speed, damage reduction, his abilities have shorter cool downs and Weapons he wields lasts longer (during the duration of his ult).


"Nice weapon.. I think I'll keep it."


Jarvan: You like my weapon? Jax: Are you compensating for something?

Master Yi: Wuju like to learn? Jax: As a courtesy from one master to another. No thanks.

Fiora: One step ahead. Jax: And four steps backwards.

Udyr: Weapons are for the weak. Jax: Tough talk for someone who's in hitting distance.

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Made a short highlight video from my Team Liquid tryouts!


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What the heck is wrong with autofill and role picking?


I used to queue as jungle/fill, and a good 90% of the time i'd get jungle, and when I filled, I was mostly support.

Right now If i queue jungle fill, i'd always fill. So I put jungle top. Now i always top. What's wrong with role picking?