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I gave myself a leaver penalty


I was at tower waiting for the minions to show up and it said there was an afk player my team, i did a /ff cause i didn't want to play a 4v5 that game. Apparently you can /ff urself as a leaver. Now i have a leaver penalty and i'm waiting for the 5 minute timer. The bot or whatever seems to be a little aggressive, especially since you can leaver penalty urself. imo they need to slightly tune down the aggressiveness of the bot ever so slightly, just so people cant afk penalty themselves out of games, it seems a little silly.


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Tired of Horrible Norm Matchmaking



I'm a norms player. My enjoyment from league is playing with 1-3 friends in norms games. We are of low to high silver skill level. Lately, we've been consistently getting match against high plat or even diamond level players. And every single damn time, those higher elo players get fed and take over the games.

Why is the matchmaking for norms so horrible? Is this because of preseason? No joke, I just played a game where the enemy team was a premade of 3 and another of 2. EACH of the premades had a diamond player, whereas we get low gold at best. Feels like we rarely get the diamond on our team.

The worst part of it all is that it sucks the joy from our games. The game practically writes itself. What's the point of playing if we know 100% we will lose?

I feel like it can't be that difficult to have proper matchmaking in norms. Looking forward to hearing everyone's insights/perspectives.

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Which one is Harder?


So i was having a conversation with my friend and topic is "area control mages". I said Anivia is more easier then Syndra and Viktor but my friend wasn't in same opinion. I'm curious about Reddit's opinion. Which one is more harder then other ones?

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Is Odoamne dating Laure Valée? NSFW


I saw Odoamne and Laure together yesterday in Berlin. Are players allowed to date talent or is it okay because he hasn't been signed to a new team yet? Or is she not going to be an interviewer next year and they can reveal their potential relationship? Can someone shed light on LEC rules

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Bwipo TL content creator



For those interested Bwipo confirmed he will be taking the Spring split off, due to a seeming lack of offers, and will be playing Champions Queue in an attempt to join a team come summer.

Not the best news for fans but he understands the reason and is addressing it :).

EDIT: he says he had an Astralis offer but was too early in the season for him to commit to leaving NA

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Camps Before 20 min should only be taken by the Jungler who has 1 single smite


Because now Junglers have A mini side quest to feed 1 of 3different pets, that all require 40 treats each

Now Laners that lose lane ealry on or greffiers are taking the camps while the Jungler is not there, or even fellowing him around in purpose

At the end the Jungler lose Xp and good maybe 1 smite charge or 2 :)

But as game goes on, your Treat counter will be less then 40 Wich mean the enemy Junglerswill very Likely to get the bettre smite Either the 900 upgrade at 20 treat S one or 1200 one I find it extremely annoying that 1 laner ( looking at you top laners) can make the whole team behind, just because they lose the lane solo, they don't have the right to take the Jungler camps, now he has a disaventge of smites power vs the enemy team

As for sharing bleu red buffs pre 20 min I think Riot should add a new mechanism to make the Jungler give buffs by himself like clicking on ally aftre taking the camp by himself I think I heard a Rioter mentioned that when they were working on new jungler changes

The new jungle feels refreshing, pls Riot just fix this single problem Don't make camp stealing by teammates make jungler role harder if you want more players to play it

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Is it possible to cast an early surrender vote, and wait until it reaches the 20 minute mark and accept? does the type of surrender change mid time or is it bound?


So imagine i cast the early surrender vote at 19:30 minutes into the game, as early surrender is unanimous if i wait until it reaches 20:00 does it become a normal surrender vote where 70% of the team acceptance is needed?

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Early Update Legacy Objects


Collaborate a Riot with the help of this post. A total of 4 items fan concept would be added, contributing to their upgrade status before the start of the Season

Rod of Crystallized



(Catalyst of Aeons + Spirit Stone 1100 (350). (I don't know exactly what other objects would be included)

Unique – Crystallization: A form of champion status enhancement, you encase yourself in crystal and shield you from critical damage when below 25% health.

(It would increase your shield depending on the increase in armor and resistance)

Mythic Passive: Empowers each of your other Legendary items with 6% bonus spell penetration, turning into life regeneration

- Rylai's Crystal Scepter-

( Increase your power, based on the slowdown. Acquiring this item enhances the rod, it could have a new synergy effect)


New: Rod of Ages (27-11-22)


I'll be announcing more new items to contribute to the cinematic that is to come in Season 13

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Why do champions have songs?


I play wildrift and have only tried pc like twice (its hard to control and theres too much info to catch up on)

why does like gwen have a theme song? Do they use that in game or something? I understand having lore but not a song

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NEACE coaching montage (locked camera) NSFW

Thumbnail video

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Find a champion to main


Guys I play league a lot but I dont really have a main , I just play random champs and this thing is very bad because I can't give master a champion like this. I played a lot of Assassins, not to catch the enemy by surprise because I'm bad at that, but because they deal a lot of dmg. I've tried many Tanks, for example Shen, but after a few matches with them, they don't seem to feel good to play. So can you help me with some suggestions? I would like someone who has outplay potential for example, with Shen all I could do was E Flash and it becomes very predictable. A good 1v1 champ that if ill learn him i can do well in teamfights too . About the roles im not a good ADC but I do well with Kai'sa or Ezreal, as support I played Thresh and Alistar , I tried some games with Soraka Nami and supports with heal and I was feeling I do nothing. In Top I played Shen and Riven , I liked the mobility with Riven . I played a lot of jg too , Nunu Wukong and Rammus for the most time . In mid I played a lot of champs a lot , but not mages i dont really know how to manage mana so its pretty annoying to me to play mages . After I played so much i dont know what i like in a champ , i just play it , i want to find a champ that doesn't make me bored . If you can help me in any way or if you want to ask me questions, I will answer you immediately , thank you in advance

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I got permanent banned on livestream for using 3rd party programs on fresh account


Hello, I’m small streamer with 300-400 viewers. For preseason I decided to make new account, played a lot of normals so I can get higher mmr. Finally reached level 30 and played 15 ranked games and I got banned for using 3rd party programs. I contacted riot games but they told me that they reviewed manually the account and they won’t lift the ban. I’ve told them all normal games and ranked games are on stream I have vods of every single game played on this account but they said they won’t lift the ban. I don’t use any porofesors/u.gg anything. I had curseforge for world of Warcraft to install addons but nothing with league of legends. Can someone please advise me. Now I’m scarred to login into any account and play because i might get perma on my mains.

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Clutching up on Ashe


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Spirit Blossom Kindred cosplay


This is my newest cosplay and wanted to know what you guys think! I'm still new at cosplaying tho, this is my 3rd and most detailed cosplay! Hope you guys like it :D



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who to choose as a begginer


Hi all, I'm very new to the game and I unlocked Lux as my first champion...I'm on lvl. 4 now I think and I can unlock another champion but I don't know which one to choose...The options are: Tristana, Caitlyn and Ezreal Thank you in advance!

edit: thank you everyone for you quick responses (and advice), I ended up choosing Tristana :)

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HOW THE FUCK i am suppose to kill a RAMMUS in aram playing sivir if I deal 15% less DAMAGEEEEE




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Heartsteel vs Sunderer?


what differences will we see and is it even worth to get it? Isnt sunderer just 100% better to get still, even for tank bruisers cause of the heal and damage from sheen damage proc which if you think about procs way faster than Heartsteel anyways. You could proc a sunderer about 4 or 5 times in a fight before you can even proc a second Heartsteel charge. You might as well get grasp

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Displacement effects should still work on hourglass.


Now hear me out. I understand it negates damage and prevents you from being targeted, but I feel like AOE displacement effects should still work. If I feel like if a kennen can face check my bush and ult and hourglass, I should be allowed to push him away as a counter as an example. Nothing in this game should be able to be NOT counter-able. Morge ult, Kennen Ult, Fiddle Ult, I just don't understand how this subtle change is allowed. It also opens up being able to push your ally into the enemy if needed using things like Anivia Wall instead of oh anivia placed wall on hourglass, guess your just god now because your clip protected or oh, sorry Azir! Your ult which is supposed to push everything, oh no silly you! Hour glass ignores your ult and just walks through to kill you!

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Why are they called "champions" and not "legends"?


This is something that has always bothered me, but I'm not super well-versed in lore, so I don't know if there's an actual reason. I feel like since it's called "League of Legends," you'd assume they were called "legends" instead of champions. What's the deal?

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Why do we all gather top at the start of urf games?


I was recently watching a video from dwgkia where showmaker was playing urf and in kr servers they gathered mid at the start and even mentioned how in na everyone gathers top, I thought it was a silly detail but still wanted to know if anyone knows who started it that we all go top or why we do instead of mid

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Did they change quick cast with indicator?


It used to be that if I hold down a spell, I will see both the range and the shape/width of the skillshot. Nowadays, when I hold down a spell, I only see the circular range. Is this a bug?

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New Game Mode Idea


Shot Caller

  1. Regular summoners rift
  2. At the start of draft, randomly assign the Shot Caller to each team -there is an option to request/relinquish the Shot Caller status
  3. The Shot Caller is the only person who can ping
  4. No chat

I think a lot of tilt that comes from the game is miscommunication and everyone on the team wanting to be the one calling the shots, especially in SoloQ, but if everyone was forced to play around one persons call outs maybe playing with our teammates would feel a lot more rewarding.

Now I also see how this could cause toxicity, hence some of the rules limiting communication, but if you went into this game mode knowing what you were getting yourself into maybe it could be a fun casual game mode, taking the pressure off of 4 other players.

Being the shot caller would also require a really active player to stay on top of their game but could promote learning macro

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Can't use a chroma I bought before getting the skin.


So, a while ago I bought the special Old god Warwick chroma, and just recently got the old god warwick skin. When I am in champ select , and I click the skin's chroma, It's not there... Although when I go into my skins and chromas at the home page it shows me that I in fact have the chroma. wtf do I do?

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Shelly never leaves a job unfinished.


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Demographic Distribution Survey


Hi! I’m doing a digital ethnography project for my final in my class and would like you to participate in it. It is only a 1-minute survey about the demographics of League of Legends players who are active on reddit. The survey is completely anonymous. The link to the form can be found here.

I hope this is allowed but I could not find anything in the rules about surveys that relate to the game. Apologies ahead of time if it is not.

Thank you!