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Bwipo TL content creator



For those interested Bwipo confirmed he will be taking the Spring split off, due to a seeming lack of offers, and will be playing Champions Queue in an attempt to join a team come summer.

Not the best news for fans but he understands the reason and is addressing it :).

EDIT: he says he had an Astralis offer but was too early in the season for him to commit to leaving NA

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Is Odoamne dating Laure Valée? NSFW


I saw Odoamne and Laure together yesterday in Berlin. Are players allowed to date talent or is it okay because he hasn't been signed to a new team yet? Or is she not going to be an interviewer next year and they can reveal their potential relationship? Can someone shed light on LEC rules

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Heartsteel is the Hail of Blades of items


This seems to be the scuffed theorycrafters’ item of choice, much like Hail of Blades is for keystones.

So many people building this item on any champ, in every mode, in wacky scenarios, harassing every streamer I watch whether it’s good or not no matter the game context or champ.

Didn’t think I’d be annoyed by the sight of something else in this game besides HoB, but here we are.

Happy Thanksgiving, Summoners.

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10 Years of LCS rosters: Charting player turnover, Imports/NA Players from 2013 - 2023


I pulled in all splits of LCS since it was established in 2013 spring using fandom, liquidpedia, etc. to see how the LCS has changed over time and see what all of the intended starting rosters over the years look like.

Spreadsheet here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jbj92Vw6pz3rsv5SuqIbMSOHZS0_RSJe4220VUCqG_8/edit?usp=sharing

Player Turnover

Turnover here is defined as a player that was the intended starter in a position in the LCS for a previous split but no longer the intended starter in the current split (Ex: 2023 Spring is the % of players that were intended to start in 2022 Summer but not 2023 Spring)



Overall Stats:

  • Average turnover: 32%
  • Average Spring turnover: 40%
  • Average Summer turnover: 25%

Things to note:

  • The only time players did not change within the league was between 2017 Spring and Summer with 0 mid swaps and 2019 Spring and Summer with 0 support swaps
  • After franchising the turnover between spring and summer was reduced dramatically but turnover between years increased

NA Players

Here a player is defined as an NA player if the first residency they ever had was NA. For example Impact has NA residency now but his original residency KR so he does not count as an NA player



Things to note:

  • The highest number of NA players was in the first split at 100% or 40/40
  • The lowest was last split in 2022 Summer at 40% or 20/50
  • The first ever import was EDward in 2013 Summer
  • The number of NA players dropped significantly in 2014 Summer when LMQ, a full Chinese team, joined the league. The total number of NA players increased in the following split when they increased the league to 10 teams but the percentage of NA players still went down
  • Conjecture: The slight drop from 2020 -> 2021 could be because OCE players were now considered NA residents in 2021 Spring
  • There were 2 times where mid lane only had 1 NA player:
    • 2016 Summer with Pobelter
    • 2019 Spring with Goldenglue

Important dates:

  • 2013: NA LCS is established
  • 2015: Increases from 8 teams to 10
  • 2018: Franchising, relegation & promotion tournament is removed
  • 2021: OCE now count as NA residents (I did not count OCE players as NA)
  • End of 2022: OCE players playing in LCS or NA academy must opt-in to be considered an NA resident. All other OCE players will be considered PCS residents from 2023

Disclaimer: This took a significant amount of time to input all the data, figure out who was the intended starting roster (often times not the actual starter), count up turnover, and see who Riot counted originally as an NA player. If there are any mistakes please let me know and I'll fix them.

Spreadsheet again: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jbj92Vw6pz3rsv5SuqIbMSOHZS0_RSJe4220VUCqG_8/edit?usp=sharing

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Arcane Was Nominated As One Of The Best Adaptation Of a Game Into a TV Series/Movie


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So Garena finally makes a farewell event by..... milking the players one last time


...I'm not even joking their events are basically a final gacha event, last chance to get paywalled prestige skin, unlocking seasonal skins so you can by them from Garena, a chance to talk to an intern roleplaying as a league champ, sharing your plays, and asking people to dance for RP.
MIRROR/Screenshot of Webpage

I wish I was joking. What an absolutely humiliating exit from such an awful company.

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[Doinb] DRX told Zeka they would sign Kanavi in order to get him to re-sign. When he found out it wasn't Kanavi, he wanted to leave.



Rough translation: "I'm so angry right now. I'll tell you guys...when Zeka went to eat with the people from DRX, they told him they could sign Kanavi in order to persuade him to resign. When Zeka learned it wouldn't be Kanavi, he wanted out. The fact that Deft didn't know about this is normal. Fuck, I'm so mad...Fuck!...Yes, I confirmed that I could say this."

Doinb originally said that DRX (the org) wanted to keep their team together but replace Pyosik with Kanavi, and that's why the team split up. Due to a mistranslation, Deft heard this as the DRX players wanted to kick Pyosik for Kanavi, and made a now deleted Instagram post, which prompted Doinb to say the above on stream.

In response to Doinb, DRX tweeted this:

"Hello, this is DRXGlobal.

DRX was in the same mindset as Deft, and our highest priority was re-signing all 5 existing players.

We always asked the players what they wanted during negotiation, and we never offered an external player to our existing players, first from us."

Some are speculating that the wording of the tweet "we never offered an external player first" is implying that DRX did offer to sign Kanavi, but not originally.


ShadowCorp's chief went on H-Dragon's stream to address the situation. According to a translator (@Mr_Rumor_) on Twitter:


SC thought the offer was not good enough for Zeka so pushed him for FA. We understand if DRX fans are angry but it is our job.

DRX talked about Kanavi but our cross check confirmed DRX never actually nego'd with Kanavi.

Zeka going FA was not because of Kanavi.

DoinB's story looks like it got inflated going through many 'sources'. We know him. He's not that type of man. In the end, we will not accept our players getting backlashed by false info. "

In my opinion, with all these claims, we can work out a rough chronology of what happened:

  1. ShadowCorp pushed Zeka to leave because they didn't think that DRX's offer was good enough.
  2. DRX, in order to try and get Zeka to re-sign, talked about being able to sign Kanavi.
  3. ShadowCorp did their own investigation and found out DRX could not sign Kanavi.
  4. Zeka left DRX as originally planned.

No matter what it seems like an unfortunate situation that is maybe being blown out of proportion, also I feel so bad for Pyosik T_T.


Thanks to /u/Secure-Drama2567 for providing a full timeline of the situation:


Nov 19 DRX implied that they matched all needs of players, but their agency (Shadow) incited them to be FA. https://bbs.hupu.com/56529702.html

Nov 22 DRX announced that all five members are FA. https://twitter.com/DRXGlobal/status/1594843110110298112

Nov 22 Deft in his stream: "None of us asked a high price. The amount we asked are reasonable." https://bbs.hupu.com/56574740.html

Nov 23 Pyosik on Instagram: "These three years are like taking roller coaster. I will stream soon later to tell you some details." https://www.instagram.com/p/ClTbaDxySOA/?igshid=ZmRlMzRkMDU=

Nov 23 DK: "Welcome Deft" https://twitter.com/DWGKIA/status/1595296441076891648

Nov 24 Beryl in his stream: "Yesterday I signed out of my own will. I told Deft we will meet on Asian Games if lucky." https://bbs.hupu.com/56622715.html

Nov 25 HLE: "Welcome Kingen and Zeka" https://twitter.com/HLEofficial/status/1596025629346271233

Nov 26 Doinb in his stream: "The reason why DRX lost their players is, DRX promised they can get Kanavi, but they failed." https://bbs.hupu.com/56659431.html

Nov 26 Deft on Instagram: "I don't know how much you know about us to make you so confident and blaze it around. I only required that the entire original team should stay. If you are not 100% sure about your own words just shut up." https://bbs.hupu.com/56659727.html

Nov 26 Doinb responded in his stream: "I know why Deft is so angry. He doesn't know that. DRX didn't told him. They told Zeka instead." https://bbs.hupu.com/56659806.html

Nov 26 Deft responded on Instagram: "Since it is a translation error. My apologies."

Nov 26 Doinb leaked his chat history with the manager of China affiliate of Still8. Still8 is the owner of former GRF, and now it's acquired by Loud, which is the agency of Doinb.

Doinb: Didn't Deft know? Isn't Deft in Shadow (the agency of numerous LCK players, including Kingen and Zeka)
Manager: Yes, Deft isn't in Shadow.
Doinb: So Zeka knowed it and Deft didn't?
Manager: Probably. Zeka was discussing it with DRX manager and team leader.
Doinb: Can I say "Zeka discussed about it with DRX manager"? Or should I keep it as secret?
Manager: You can say it.

  1. Nov 26 DRX: "We agree with Deft. We considered about the extension of the original five players at first. We didn't talk about importing other players." https://twitter.com/DRXGlobal/status/1596473308492353536

  2. Nov 26 Shadow representative appeared in the live stream of H-Dragon. https://bbs.hupu.com/56661689.html

I'm really mad about the rumors and attack towards our players, so I want to tell some truth.
I didn't participate the discussion about contract extension. Those players are too young to remember what they said then. Some of those players discussed about their salary, others didn't.
In this situation, Zeka asked me, "What do you think about DRX's offer?" I replied, "I think being an FA is better." And this is my job to do so.
Chat are asking "Is Zeka who wanted Kanavi?" but it's not important. I wasn't at the discussion about contract extension. I can only tell you if Kanavi is the reason why Zeka left.
So it's because Zeka is going to leave, and DRX said they would sign Kanavi (in order to persuade him). Then, Zeka contacted me about it and I contacted someone who knows Kanavi, but DRX failed.

Besides, he also revealed that Pyosik will be joining LPL or EU/NA (Rumor said he is joining FPX). H-Dragon also said Teddy should start to learn Chinese.

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Spirit Blossom Kindred cosplay


This is my newest cosplay and wanted to know what you guys think! I'm still new at cosplaying tho, this is my 3rd and most detailed cosplay! Hope you guys like it :D



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G2 Hel vs. QLASH Midnight / Rising Stars - Upper Bracket Final / Post-Match Discussion



Official page | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | New to LoL

G2 Hel 0-2 QLASH Midnight

  • QLASH Midnight move on to the grand final, where they will wait for the lower bracket winner.
  • G2 Hel fall down to the lower bracket final, where they will wait for their opponent amongst 6 other teams still in the lower bracket.

G2.H | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

QLS.M | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

MATCH 1: QLASH Midnight vs. G2 Hel

Winner: QLASH Midnight in 29m

VOD links: Champion Select | Game Start

MATCH 2: G2 Hel vs QLASH Midnight

Winner: QLASH Midnight in 41m

VOD links: Champion Select | Game Start

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After stealing Teemos ultimate with Sylas, ultimates cooldown goes to 1500 seconds.


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Objective pop-ups need small lane icons to understand who voted what. [BAD PAINT INSIDE]


Title. As it stands right now you can click on the objective pop-up to vote and you will see 5 dots that becomes green ticks or red crosses based on the amount of votes, right?
First of all, the green and red signs are redundant, because you can already see the numbers even with the reduced size pop-up icon.
As others have pointed out, to understand wether or not it's worth converging on the objective you need to understand who voted what. If you see 4 yes and 1 no for a Drake, you expect everyone but the toplaner to come to the pit, or at least provide assistance through pressure or vision. However, in the current iteration it could very well be the toplaner with no tp that voted yes but doesn't intend to come, but thinks the drake is worth taking.

What I'm suggesting is to replace the ticks and crosses for the votes with lane icons (Top, bottom, etc.) that are colored red or green based on vote.
There could be extra step to reduce the visual clutter but I hope those could be optional.
As promised in the title, here's a bad mock-up of how the interface could add voter identity on the objective vote. Sorry for bad painterino.


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Very proud of this play 4v1, loving Heartsteel


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Doinb: DRX has signed Croco and Fate



Doinb: DRX has signed Croco and Fate. They were going to join an LPL team before, but DRX took them over.


Doinb: DRX is still chasing for Scout (even after they have signed Croco and Fate), but it depends on Scout himself.


Doinb: Light's next team is settled. He won't be in the same team as me.


Doinb: Wei is extended. (RNG)


Doinb: Jax (Ale) is going to just the team you see on the community. It has three letters. (EDG)

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Shelly never leaves a job unfinished.


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Hylissang Joins Mad Lions After Departure From Fnatic


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Most feel good thing as a Jungler


Logging onto League the next day to see all the teammates who flamed you for doing well got punishments. Have had a range of 3 to 8 notifications a day since about a month ago.

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Made a short highlight video from my Team Liquid tryouts!


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Why do we all gather top at the start of urf games?


I was recently watching a video from dwgkia where showmaker was playing urf and in kr servers they gathered mid at the start and even mentioned how in na everyone gathers top, I thought it was a silly detail but still wanted to know if anyone knows who started it that we all go top or why we do instead of mid

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So Knight leaves TES…for JDG?


TES recently announced that Knight has left them and entered free agency. It is rumored (thanks to Doinb leaking everything in the world) that he is headed for JDG. What do you guys think of this news?

We know that 369 is still at JDG, so that just sounds like a ridiculously formidable team already. Do you think the two solo laners can match the level of dominance that TheShy/Rookie had back then? I am definitely excited to see this team next year.

I would love to be Kanavi too though. Just imagine playing jungle when you have these two as your solo laners. Permanent prio so you get to do whatever you want to. Apparently, Ruler is also joining JDG. This is going to be an absolutely stacked team. How does this team sound to you?

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[Official] DetonatioN FocusMe part ways with mid laner Lee "Yaharong" Chan-ju.


DetonatioN FocusMe part ways with mid laner Lee "Yaharong" Chan-ju.

Report on expiry of contract with Yaharong
Yaharong, who boasts outstanding stability, was undoubtedly the unsung hero of DFM.
We thank you for your efforts so far and wish you all the best in the future.



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League of legends 1v1 Mundo Dodgeball tournament (YES WITH PRIZES)


Hello guys, i am organizing a Mundo 1v1 Dodgeball tournament, it's not a big one but i really taught that this time, maybe i invite people outside of my small community.
It takes place on 10th December (
If u wanna join, u can join my discord and there are more info about it.
Any questions, you can leave them in the comments below <3

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Faker is staying with T1. Leaked by Gumayusi on his today stream


While streaming today, Gumayusi was asked about the upcoming T1 roster announcement on Monday. He then said "Is there anything there to do (=announce)?

Fans went crazy in chat and Gumayusi then said "I didn't say anything"

Source: [Link 1](https://twitter.com/bbosyuk/status/1596166770884497409?s=46&t=_2cBjJmE-I-mpNlq4KeB5w&fbclid=IwAR07Vsusp6_bjrA22g9H85AdKxgJuGLYBIxF8VBUu_t4dUJon-TMFYN91fk) | [Link 2](https://twitter.com/gotherevery/status/1596166265760280576?s=46&t=aK6BVZY1hsXJ0rAsBVbCKg&fbclid=IwAR1doiHF4kotiGRaVw0IXIjUQIOheoBD8EVXnq6HTnEfnh6zOy8Rjkrh8uQ)

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Is there YET ANOTHER funnel yi strat going around right now?


I keep seeing mid laners taking smite and somehow yi ends up with like 300 cs at the end of the game and ends up 25-0 or some shit.

What's the new funnel yi tech now, and why is it always master yi with these bullshit cheese strats?

Can someone explain it to me so I know what I'm up against?

Also -- when is Riot going to learn to watch out for this stuff when creating/rebalancing jungle? Seems like any time something changes in the jungle, this kind of nonsense runs rampant.

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Who's the pro player you love watching the most?


I gotta say, watching even just the stream highlights on the DWG KIA YouTube channel has made me appreciate ShowMaker so much.