League of Legends Game

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In League of Legends, there exists 5 roles currently. These roles include the mid, top, jungle, support, and ad. In times past, it was generally an AP champion who would play the mid lane; however, the top and mid lanes have both become more interchangeable as far as champion choice goes. Generally your ad is going to be a ranged ad, which is also called the "Marksman" role. Supports are generally the Champions that are designated as being support champions. People more often play junglers who are great initiators and who are good at soaking up damage. Top lane Champions are generally the more bruiser type Champions (Champions who are basically tanky damage dealers). These 5 roles are the standard meta roles that exist right now in the game.

Champion Types

Supports: These Champions are not played like the other Champions that are out there. They usually do not focus on building damage, and instead they usually focus on building items that give benefits to the entire team (aura items, activation effects, etc). This is also the job that is designated as the ward placer. While this isn't always the case, your support should be the primary warder on the team, unless they're rushing an item such as Aegis. They generally lane with the ad during the beginning to mid lane portion of the game. They serve a variety of different purposes besides warding and protecting the ad early on. Some of them are great initiators such as Thresh; others are great at disengaging, such as Janna and Nami.

Marksman: These are the ranged ad champions of the game. Contrary to bruisers and other roles, they sacrifice survivability to build glass cannon. They usually stay in bottom lane for the beginning and middle portion of the game. They lane with the support and their job is to farm and try to kill the enemy or push them out of lane. This lane can give very good objective control if they manage to force the enemy to go back to base, leaving a free dragon open for the taking. Depending on what ad and support is being played, this lane has the potential to be a bigger carry than a solo lane champion. This lane is usually one of the harder lanes to manage, since there are so many more routes where the enemy can gank from in the lane. This lane is a VERY farm dependent lane. It's not a good idea for this lane to have low cs, unless the lane has lots of kills.


Assassins: Typically played in the mid or top lane, but can also be played in the jungle. These champions are high mobility; however, they're often very squishy for the most part. Most champions of this type rely on high burst damage. Assassins aren't sustained damage such as ad's or some bruisers.

Mages: There are some champions that do not fit into the other roles.


What do people mean by saying "mechanics"?

There are a few mechanical techniques that are relevant on nearly every single champion in the game. Practicing these can help you kill enemies before they reach you or chase down an enemy efficiently. Take your time to find out more about the techniques and master them to become a better player. Here is a list of common techniques:

  • Attack move: a way of moving so that when anything attackable is in autoattack range your champion will automatically attack it(binded to A + left click by default).

  • Stutter stepping: a technique where you start moving just as your autoattack projectile is in the air(for melee champions the moment you deal damage) so that you cancel the afterswing of the animation.

  • Orb walking: this was a distinct technique in DotA, but has lost its significance in League of Legends and is now a synonym for "stutter stepping".

  • Smartcasting: a way of casting the abilities at the exact moment of the keypress(or release, depending on your settings) in the direction of your cursor, thus eliminating the brief time between selecting a skill and clicking to cast it.

  • Kiting: the use of stutter stepping to run from an enemy and autoattack him at the same time.