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Kills are now worth than farming?


I want to hear from you guys. I've seen a lot of challenger games where someone (usually the jungler) gives up farm to try getting kills. This makes them more unreadable and actually works a lot.

And after this pre-season update minions don't even give the same gold. So this means that League of Legends is turning more into a game of chance of scoring kills than actually strategy?

I mean, very often it will be worth to take the risk of giving up farm if you can score kills and snowball the game.

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Tanks arent supposed to deal damage. /cry


why is riot the only company that cant get behind the traditional concept of a "tank"?

tanks shouldnt deal damage without building a single AD or AP item. the way tanks work for some seasons now are incredible unhealthy for the game.

When did it became normal for a tank to rundown ADCs, dealing more damage than offensive toplaners with nothing but armor boots?
In my opinion just tone down the base AD a lot, but raise the scaling of abilities.

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Is this a tank META again?


I am a support player (mages and enchanters), the other day we got clapped bot by a kasante supp, and many games where the tanks are just ridiculously strong (especially later game). Are we in another tank meta now? I really hope not because I don’t really want to switch to playing tanks. What are you opinions?

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skil gap between eune east and euw?


So basicly I started to play this game a year ago and I have nevver accualy played on West, now afther hiting grandmaster i was wondering how big is accual gap in high elo on these servers. Becouse when I play with euw players that are smurfing i feel like they are pretty good. And i feel like most of the players in eune high elo are players that have accounts on West in high elo also. And that they just dont play so often on east and that simply makes them have better results. And there is a( huge)gap between low master peakers and a good gm or chal player. And becouse high elo players are not so active(gm chall ) you will be filled in master lobby often and I think that is only difrence in servers And that full gm lobby is rare in eune While in euw i see them on stream allways. Considering inflation of lower player base i would say that 800 points eune counts as 500 600 on euw. Idk tell me what you think

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Why am I getting teamed up with troll "allies" every game?


Im just bored and tired of that. Every game someone trolls. Picking Irelia support or getting mad over an enemy banning their mains and trolling in game. How the f* is this possible? And what is the point in playing the game now when they removed our opportunity to dodge troll matches? Will this kill game faster? (It does, since they dont even try to ban trolls). Low dia EUW elo im in.

P.S.: This is not a cry. I just need help and find out if its just me or what. Cuz im about quit, when im literally forced to play with trolls. :C

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Bullied in Top Lane


Hey, guys. I’ve been playing for a few months and play only Shen Top. I’m not a great player but I definitely don’t feed and respect the lane. HOWEVER, I’d say about 2/3 games as only Shen, Im usually getting pushed back into tower. Is this normal for my champion? It happens so much, and I still win matches because of my Ult, but I’d like to feel good in my lane more often. Is this normal for Shen to be so easily pushed on?

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Why are we in a troll support meta?



Even more so than in the past, troll picks are the standard in the bot lane in season 12. I can't, for the love of god, queue into a game and not get one of Ashe, MF, Twitch, Heimer or Shaco support. It was bad enough when the game was full of mage supports, but nowadays it's even worse as people just refuse to play any real support champion. We are in a troll support meta and I don't see what can be done to change it, but I sure hope it does change.

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If I want to auto-mute every game (a-la-nightblue3)


Can I just write out the "W" word and get server muted with zero ramifications, I can't get banned for chat etc?

Chat does nothing but tilt me and I waste time by replying to the team. I don't want the option to enable/disable chat in interface because inevitably I'll want to flame. Also, my best games are when I'm chat restricted.

TIA guys, wish you all the elo in the world

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Question about Lanes


I have a question. I started playing LOL and enjoyed Neekos abilities. I realized that even when people pick mid before me, I could still play Neeko top with the exact same Runes and items and it works wonderfully. However, is it bad for the team to lose the type of character, a Tank, that would otherwise go top, even if it always works for me individually?

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Crit aatrox is a broken viable build now...


https://youtu.be/ZqUs6PR47Wk this isn't my idea, however aatrox with eclipse, the collector, infinity edge and essence reaver can one shot pretty much anyone even a tank sion, I uploaded clips of its gameplay on the link i posted above

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Jungle Guides/Community Servers


Hello all,

as the title says I am looking for good Guides/ Community servers such as discord etc. for Jungle Guides. I am currently Silver 2 (peak silver 1) started to play this game this season starting in iron 3. 600 games took me to get there and I think I am missing a lot of things such as decision making. If anyone could help me I would deeply appreciate it.

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(NA) VeryLastNerve's Invitational League of Legends Tournament Sign Up


Hello, I am hosting my second-ever tournament for league of legends and need players to fill up the roster. I would love to get as many people as we can be involved. Here is the basic information to help determine if you want to be in it:

  1. You must be ranked, and your current rank must be Gold 1 or lower.
  2. There will be 8 teams each with a Captain and Cocaptain. There will be 10 players to a team decided in a Draft Pick style that will determine what team you play for.
  3. You can bring friends to play, but there is a chance that you are drafted onto separate teams so if that is an issue, keep it in mind.
  4. Matches will begin on November 5th, with 2 happening Saturday and 2 Sunday. They will be live between 12 to 1 PM CST to 4 to 5 PM CST
  5. There will be matches every weekend up to the weekend of January 7th, with a break the weekend after Thanksgiving and the weekend before Christmas to observe the holiday.
  6. It will be a round-robin style tournament with each team playing the other once. Each match against a team will be a best of 3. The point goes to the winner of the best of 3.
  7. The team with the highest win rate at the end of the tournament will win.
  8. Every player is expected to pay a $1 entrance fee once teams are selected that will contribute to the prize pool for the winner. On top of that, I will be contributing $100 from the jump for the prize pool meaning the winning team will diver $100 + However much the entrance fee becomes across the whole team as a prize.
  9. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please DM me here. I also have an interest form that I would like everyone to fill out that I will include in our DMs
  10. Discord is required for the tournament.

Please reach out to me if you would be interested. I have ran one other tournament in the past and have learned a lot about logistics and planning. I hope we can have some fun games and see you on the rift!

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Free Coaching Sessions For Everyone!


Hey Summoners!

Im an ex challenger player (Currently sitting in masters), doing some free coaching sessions to create and promote my community. Im looking for people interested in building a community where we help each other, instead of making league such a toxic game. People underestimate the value of talking about gameplay with others, and only see the flaws of their teammates. I primarily play jungle, but I can play other lanes as a high elo player as well. I'm currently uploading coaching sessions to youtube, so the requirement for a session will be to being able to stream the game for me on a discord session, and allowing me to record it.

I also do champion guides, I just uploaded this video of (in my opinion) the best champ to get lp with: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uq9mVxJ4dL0

Everyone contacting me will get a free session if they want to, but there can be some waiting time, due to a lot of people wanting the sessions. The easiest way to get in contact with me, is by joining my discord: https://discord.gg/JURzHA6dVy And typing in the coaching channel, then I will dm you directly afterwards. It's not only me coaching, so the queue for a session won't be that long, if you can settle with a Master or GM Players.

Please subscribe to my youtube channel, or at least check out some of the coaching content, to see if you are interested in a session. https://www.youtube.com/c/priorify

Best Regards // Daniel / Priorify

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I love but hate this devil games


Literally, the game is winning and manipulated by system assignment of win or loss most for the target 50% win rate but, sometimes winning get used to better self but losing made people crazy and ego self.

I have to say here because stupid fucking shitty league of legends reddit mods ban all my secret talked about their system from negative to their goals of manipulate people's minds

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easy trick to troll the junglers, happened to me, and Riot is ok with it


so basically i took jungle, the botlane, premade with mid, took nunu and hecarim and smites, did my jungle, so, obviously ruined the game farming my jungle, then reported me for inting, got 14 days and after contacting the support, they basically said it was OK and i ruined their experience (their experience of ruining my experience), i was supposed to wait at base for them to let me one camp or two according to riot xD

so basically, you can go 3 premades and do whatever you want to troll and who dares not comply with your fun gets banned, funny, no?

screenshot of the support answer: https://imgur.com/a/mhIT3w3

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riot ruin game so much i can never climb


I climb to bronze 3 years in a row but riot ruin the game so now i am stuck in iron i play 700 teemo games and i have good games and good winrate but this shit game only give me shit team and i have to play vs smurfs or high bronze player

my team alw<ays lose and flame i wish all dead NOW so i can climb back to bronze. man how i can win with this noobs in my team EVERY GAME MAN!!!!!!!!!!

this is my opgg


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Any easy way to extract Match stats from League of Legends API


I have a formula for establishing a game score that is standardized across games. This formula uses data in the "stats" section within a game in match history.

The issue I'm having is that I can't find a way to quickly extract that data. At the moment I have to manually enter in the values.

Does anyone have any experience with this?

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Is it just me, or are most ADC mythics crutch items?


I've basically sworn off of ADC ever since mythics came out, because the items are SO boring. It might as well be the same as Zhonyas or Guardian Angel being a mythic item.

They all spit in the face of what an ADC typically represents.
Shieldbow grants health as part of it's mythic passive. Excuse me? Before mythics came out there was not a single ADC I played that anyone would even think about buying health on. But here it is, on one of the mythic items - of which there is a very small selection of.

Then you have galeforce. A dash. Cool, I guess.. but I don't want it either. I play ADC to kite and shoot. If I need to use a dash, in my opinion, I have already completely failed as an ADC player to begin with. If I wanted to play a hyper-mobile damage dealer, I'd play an assassin - period.

Kraken Slayer is okay. But extremely boring.
I find myself either not playing ADC because the mythics make them less of ADCs, or I just go like.. Eclipse on any ADC I do play, because at least it feels like it's increasing my damage output rather than just giving me get-out-of-jail free cards to play with, and stupid stats like health.

Likely a very controversial opinion, but does anyone else agree? Tank mythics, mage mythics, assassin mythics - they're all great. But the selection of ADC mythics is just pathetic in my eyes.

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Top meta and itemization is dumb and broken :D


The top laner and their items issue

So someone commented this under my post and I wanted to address it and maybe discuss even more about that issue :

Yes, those are the only champions that are literally being played right now. It’s boring and this is what happens when riot changes core gameplay. This is what happens when you have stupid patches like the durability one. This is what happens when you don’t know the implications of what you are nerfing and buffing.

For instance, eclipse works better for atrox than an assassin. These new meta champs are getting on my nerves.

My opinion:

Well as a former Zed main I’m building situational assassin items and use Duskblade and Prowlers a lot but vs all those tanks after the durability update and especially Champs like Aatrox who abuse Eclipse as a fighter you have to build eclipse or you won’t deal any dmg or you are barely dead after one combo. Aatrox Irelia Jax and other duelist still heal a shit-ton and the update just helped them and fcked assassins. The problem is riot changes eclipse an ASSASSIN ITEM to make it even worse on assassins and better/still good for all the abuser ? I really miss the time where fighter duelists ad tanks whatever built like the champ they are supposed to be with for example steraks deadmans spirit visage black cleaver - ofc everything is situational and they still use those items but they became more and more burst/assassin fighter with still an insane amount of healing no matter how far you fell behind just cs and scale get your eclipse and deaths dance. Back then you really had to get ahead and when you fight it takes some time you had to stack your conqueror hit everything and then it became this long and insane anime duel. Plus as one of those top laner you can use pretty much 70% of “ad assassin items” and they are useful maybe even needed but ad mid has literally 2 mythic choices now and the rest of the build is nearly always the same you feel me ? Like Youmous Serpents Axiom and ECLIPSE you could buy that on aatrox full burst and it would work plus grudge deaths dance steraks hydra deadmans - so much builds and resulting playstyles so much opportunities against different laner and for situational builds. Even tho ad assassin got nerfed they are trying to minimize the way of itemization like there is this one core build and 3 situational items you have to be squishy full dmg al in now otherwise fuck yourself. Ofc thats the original meaning of ad assassins but considering the meta and updates it’s meh ….. imo they have to update all the duelist bruiser and especially this superheal sustain tank/assassin thing and create way more “attractive” (situational) ad mid builds/items and a new mythic but leave their old purpose as this squishy one combo high dmg in and out assassin.

  • former tilted crybaby Plat hardstuck Zed “OTP” and Talon Qiyana enjoyer ( playing everything now control mages /scaling / ap off tank like galio and so on )

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Worlds meta discussion and fuming


Miss Fortune Amumu Worlds 2022… Aatrox Top…. Maokai Sejuani Jungle… by the way could someone explain their build why do they mostly rush anathemas ? Is the reason so their opposite only ap source ( usually mid ) won’t deal them any damage for the rest of the game so they can stack armor now ( cdr boots bamis before anathemas into frostfire or turbo ) and focus them in teamfights plus there are usually 2 ad sources ( adc and top ) ?

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Recommended Mids for a Control Mage/Roaming Player


So as a mid player im only good on control mage/and roaming champs. As a control mage for example i play champs like ahri, syndra and viktor. For roaming i usually play galio. Id like to expand my champion pool so what are some good recommendations. For control mages and roaming type champs. I dont play assassins except maybe akali but other than her i dont really touch assassins.

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Hello my good friends, i have a pretty hard question to do.
in the last i've been playing against tanks (in every role, even as supp or mid).
my question is, why do they outdamage assassins, fighters, sups, adcs, every other role?

why do i get oneshoted by a udyr with any item of the game

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When should the carry/mid/top take ally's jungle camps and jungle buffs?


I recently got back from a couple years break, and it seems like my whole team decides to do my camps/buffs pretty early on (10-15m mark), how is it nowdays? When is it "ok" for them to do that? (krugs/gromp whenever they are up, adc taking blue buff...)

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Xerath v Kennen


I'll be honest - kinda like the "bug" on Xerath Ult - we messed around with it a little bit yesterday, and seems a little harder for enemy to judge it as well. So if you're like me and got plenty of hours practicing, you know where it's going - use it to your advantage (which I only prove here a couple times haha)


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Xerath v Talon


I don't know about ya'll, but I always struggle early in laning phase especially vs assassins. Think I'm too aggressive. Works out this time.