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Discussion / Venting Having a trainer themed around Eevee and not releasing a new Eeveelution in a new generation was a missed opportunity


Not sure why Gamefreak hasn't made a new Eeveelution yet, but if they were gonna, this generation should have been it.

Just finished battling [redacted] at the end of the [redacted] quest and thought it was a cool battle. But just imagine if their ace pokemon was a new Eeveelution.

Also! Imagine if that new Eeveelution was locked behind an item/mechanic you obtain from beating said trainer. That would have been an amazing award for completing the quest/story and made your new Eeveelution felt earned.

Not sure what type they would have gone with, but it still should have been done.

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Discussion / Venting The amount of trainers with 1-2 Pokemon in their party is becoming absurd let alone gym leaders with only 3.


Seriously, this trend has really turned me off to each new game in the series. There are drastically more trainers in the wild with 1 pokemon (most of the time unevolved) that just kills the spirit that there are trainers in the world trying to be a champion of even know how to capture more than 1 pokemon. On top of this, them only having 1 makes it no different than just a random battle (you just get some money).

I know the game is not meant to be hard (although I wish it had a hard setting), but each new game is getting worse in this area. I can get over the poor techinal issues to a point but the trainers with single pokemon is what kills me wanting to play.

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Discussion / Venting Your dorm room and the lack of customization is interesting to me


Your dorm room is S/V is only used once or twice in cutscenes in the story, and goes unused otherwise. My guess is that customization for your dorm was a planned feature at some point, but was likely cut due to time, or due to a game design or story change.

This is further backed up when you unlock Arven, Penny and Nemona's dorms at the end of postgame after you rebattle the gym leaders and run the tournament once and then talk to them all inside the academy. In comparison to your dorm room, theirs are all very fleshed out and designed, with pokemon or interesting set pieces to interact with. This is heavily in contrast to your room which is extremely bare bones.

It adds another piece to the pile of evidence that GF ran out of time on this game, with other examples such as towns in the game getting smaller and smaller with less content the further into the game you get, the lack of shop interiors that could have simply been copy/pasted (a lot of shops share brands so it's not unthinkable that they could have similar layouts), the somewhat bare lands of Paldea, and the most obvious performance issues and lack of optimization.

Id like to state that I thoroughly enjoyed the game, it has great character designs, a great story, and incredible music, but it definitely has it's problems and loose ends that point to a very rocky development, which is unfortunate and shows that this game needed more time. Without it's performance issues and with improved graphics I'm sure this game would have been incredible, but instead it is relatively good at best. I only hope that this has laid the groundwork for future games to come

tl;dr dorm rooms from characters contrast your room in a way that suggests customization of your room was just another unfinished aspect of the game.

spoiler tag since I haven't seen people talk much about postgame (which I define as post credits) and the tournament / character dorms. Or one of Iono's best lines

also I haven't slept in like 12 hours so if this post is incoherent I apologize

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Discussion / Venting The "mini-games" in Pokemon Scarlet/Violet feel insulting


I know we all love to bash on the games for its performance and level scale issue, but I don't see a lot of people talking about the "mini" games you play.

They feel too... easy. When I was doing the psychic gym test, it felt really dull doing what was essentially a poor man's ddr, except the time window's been enlarged to the size of a horse dong. The time they give you to take down 30 pokemon in each team star base is 10 freaking minutes when it can easily be beaten in a fifth of that time. And why do I need 10 minutes to just make a sandwich?

I understand that this is a kids' game, but there is no way that children are that incompetent. For context, my younger brother had beaten Super Mario 3d land when he was FOUR YEARS OLD. I'm not saying all kids are like that, but I'd expect atleast kids twice that age deserve a more fun difficulty that just a dumbed down version of Where's Waldo.

Heck, even the first 3D pokemon games had some of the most innovative mini-games (Poke Amie, Super Training) despite being the first easy pokemon games.

Tl;Dr Pokemon S/V is insulting children's intelligence with braindead mini-games, and deserve proper mini-games, because GF is obviously capable of it. Or WAS, I guess...

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Discussion / Venting Scarlet's Paradox Pokemon are WAY more imaginative than Violet's


Before I got the games I was not aware that the paradox pokemon would be different, I looked up lists of exclusive pokemon and it showed the normal exclusive pokemon, but none of the paradox pokemon. Now that I finished Violet and looked at the exclusives I can't help but be struck by how unimaginative all the Paradox Pokemon are compared to those in Scarlet. It's as though someone thought to themselves "What would a future pokemon be?" and the only thing they thought was "Robot, beep-boop", whereas when I look at the scarlet pokemon they all FEEL like pre-historic versions of the modern pokemon. The names really get to me too, literally every Violet paradox starts with the word Iron. Don't get me wrong I really enjoyed the game despite the performance issues, I just have tons of regret at the version I got. Rant over

Edit: also annoyed that none of them can breed, so I can't trade for Scarlet paradox mons and then breed for a shiny, super irritating

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Info your friendly reminder to look for in-game trades


TL;DR) How to get an early game Gengar

In Levincia city, there is an NPC who will trade a Pincurchin for her Haunter. This Haunter (unlike certain others) is NOT holding an everstone. And on top of that, Pincurchin can be found on the beach directly south from Levincia. So basically, you can get a Gengar(who has a BST of 500) before the second/third gym. Sorry if this was already said on here before.

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Discussion / Venting Not being able to keep re-challenging the gym leaders is disappointing.


Just completed the gym leader challenge in the post-game and you can only do it once. They all comment they'll battle you again and then the game doesn't let you. If you can't rechallenge them then there is no post-game to play aside from raid battles and a shallow thing in the school you can redo over and over.

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Discussion / Venting Friendly PSA for everyone doing tera raids


The tera Pokémon still has its regular move set regardless of its tera type!

Think about the types your Pokémon are weak to! Dont bring koriadon to mimikyu raids! You WILL get bodied by play rough and you WILL lose the raid for your entire team!

That is all, have a great weekend trainers!

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Discussion Favorite new Pokemon in Scarlet/Violet?


I'm curious as to what Pokemon new to the latest game are becoming favorites! I think everything about Clodsire is just a huge win and he's on my team til the end. Im also really enjoying Scovillain for his typing utility and personality.

Additionally, are there any Pokemon you thought would get a spot on your team but you ended up not enjoying them for one reason or another?

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Discussion Bring back Mega Pokemon as paradox forms


I along with probably a lot of others miss having mega evolutions, but more importantly I miss having the increased BST and viability for pokémon who were previously useless.

Personally I think that mega pokémon should come back as paradox forms, so that they’re still available going on in the future. It’s pretty obvious mega evolution is never coming back.

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Discussion In my opinion Nemona is the best rival in a long time. Thoughts?


Compared to Hop and Hau she blows them out of the water and she’s so full of personality

Tbh I’ve gone into Scarlet/Violet pretty blind so I’ve never really seen any reviews of the game besides people talking about glitches and performance issues.

So I don’t know if this is a popular opinion or not.

I just found that she doesn’t interrupt you as much as other rivals do, which is a plus. When she does, her dialogue is pretty sweet/funny. She’s already champion so that kinda differentiates her from the last few rivals.

I just like her a lot.

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Info PSA (S/V): You can forfeit trainer battles now instead of watching your team get annihilated one by one by over leveled opponents.


I just accidentally challenged a trainer with a level 56 Pokemon with my team averaging level 22 and after watching 2 of my Pokemon beef it immediately I just thought 'the run option is still in the menu, why don't I just try it' (as you may or may not know, you previously were not able to run from trainer battles).

I still lost money and it teleported me to the nearest Pokemon center (not the last one I visited), but I didn't have to sit there and watch 4 more of my mons get obliterated, which was nice. And saved time too!

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Discussion / Venting Can we talk about the real issue? Gamefreak making shinies for literally nobody


Like seriously, who are they making some of these shinies for? Who is wanting to spend countless hours grinding for a Ceruledge/Armarouge shiny just to get different colored eyes while everything else literally stays the same color. Obviously people are still going to put in that time, but GF could at least make that time worth it. I think a complete color swap between the two would've looked really cool

Or what about shinies that are just half a shade different in color, like Maushold (flamigo was very close to being listed too). Whyyyyyyy? Do they just not want some pokemon to have shiny forms but they gotta program one in anyways? Like what's the point in these.

Edit: Some people keep assuming things about this post that I didn't say at all. I never mentioned anything about my desired colors. I said a color swap between Ceruledge and Armarouge would look cool but that wasn't the main point of that paragraph. I just want a bigger difference, in general. Any colors. Asking for specific colors would be pointless because then it'd just be all my favorite colors and that'd be very dumb. I'm just asking for any color changes. I'd rather have a bright green Ceruledge over what we got, and I hate green. But I'd make due and call him Scyther 2.0.

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Discussion I think I figured out what the symbols at the bottom of area zero represent.


It's 4 circles with triangles facing each other.

It's like the purifying chamber in the GameCube games. 4 pokemon each a super effective type against another.

The 4 legendary Pokemon aka Chi-Yu Dark Fire, Chien-Pao Dark Ice, Wo Chien Dark Grass, , and Ting-Lu Dark Ground

Fire-> Ice > Grass -> Ground -> Fire

I haven't caught the legendaries yet but I'd be curious if there is anything special that happens there if you bring all 4 in correct party order, or if you did 4 person multiplayer and let one of each out of their pokeballs in the circles. Maybe they become "purified" or something and change form away from dark or something. Or maybe it's just extra lore.

Don't know if anything like this has already been discovered, just a realization I had.

Edit: I feel like I'm on to something with multiplayer, the lady who gives the locations tells you the ritual of the beads of ruin are performed with 4 people. Though that could also be a set up for the player and the 3 rivals.

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Discussion / Venting Unpopular opinion, I don’t like the open world and miss the linear world


The open world is just so boring and bland to me. Running around in a giant empty space for hours is just so dull. I miss having smaller, fully fledged out areas. I think sword and shield did it best by having a mix of the two; linear, story driven areas, and then a section of open world you could explore in.

I know this is an unpopular opinion but I’m hoping there are a couple of people out there who agree with me.

Edit: Please don’t downvote just because you disagree, we are having good conversations in here. Come make a comment instead! I like the discourse.

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Discussion The Pokemon actually have personalities in this game, and the way they behave in the wild is so natural and cooler than it's ever been


It reminds me of Pokemon Snap in some areas. I literally watched a Hoppip and a Marrill hang out together in a patch of grass and then walk across a bridge together before the Marill ran down to the river below to swim and the Hoppip flew overhead.

Picnic mode is another insanely good addition to the game. Literally playing some form of soccer with my mons and having them each behave with their own unique personalities etc. for their species is something I never expected.

So cool. A lot of effort and heart was put into this game. The performance is totally inexcusable, but I don't think it's appropriate to call Game Freak or the devs "lazy."

A lot of work went into this game, and I think it just got brutalized by deadlines. There's so much really in-depth stuff that I was never expecting and was totally blown away by.

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Meme / Venting Tyme was so wrong for the pokeball question


This is a joke but still! She is a math teacher! She says she's going to teach you math by using shopping! She then asks us "if a PokeBall costs 200 pokedollars and you have 2000 pokedollars, how many pokeballs can you buy?" If you answer 10 it's wrong coz "no you get a premier ball if you buy 10!"

What do you mean it's wrong?! I thought you were using shopping to teach us math, how is it teaching us math to be like "you're right but actually you're wrong coz if you bought pokeballs you'd actually get 11!" Like cool that's nice to know but this is a math class, I should be able to solve the problem without any prior knowledge that's not available in the question. She basically just "2+2=fish"'d me. How is any child supposed to succeed when they're constantly set up for failure?


r/pokemon 4h ago

Discussion / Venting Freeze is stupid


I was fighting a wild frigibax and was frozen for 28 FREAKING TURNS. I sat there and counted them. Hopefully this used up the rest of my bad luck for the rest of my life since apparently the odd's of that happened according to google were


or whatever that string of numbers means.

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Discussion Interesting Detail I've Noticed


This is something I've noticed playing through the game all the way through up until the crater (haven't done that yet) but of all the trainers, gym leaders, E4 members everyone...your trainer seems to be the only one who doesn't struggle using the terra orb. Every other person who uses one seems to flinch when first activating it, as if struggling a bit to contain the energy. Your trainer is the only one who seems to wield it effortlessly. Curious if there might be a reason behind this, and obviously if it's a spoiler that we find out later then I guess I'll find out later lol. Could be nothing I just thought it was kinda neat.

Not really sure if this needs to be tagged as a spoiler as it's a small thing but if it does let me know.

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Discussion / Venting The Pokemon Fandom & Rewriting History


A lot of people forget how much hate Black and White got back in the day around its release. I was a fan way back then and I can remember getting lambasted on smogon forums for liking the games. Sure, I was young and didn’t make good points, but people were vicious if you said anything nice about them.

Now, everyone is acting like they’ve been on board since day one. There’s no one who I can say “I told you so” to, so I just wanna give a general “I told you so” to everyone.

When everyone starts saying X&Y are the best games in the series in three years refer back to this post.

Edit: Lotta people are talking about Gen IX. This post isn’t about Gen IX. They right tho. Broken game.

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Discussion Regardless of your complaints. Paldea is so much more fun to explore than Galar.


I get it y’all. It should have released next year. It should have had the polish and care that Pokemon deserves. It should have had a litany of improvements that most of us can agree on. I just have to say, dang y’all. This may just be a step in the right direction but Scarlet and Violet are so much more in line with what I wanted from Pokemon than Sword and Shield. I know Pokemon has a lot of room for improvement compared to most modern games but the jump from Galar to Paldea was vast and we shouldnt ignore it. At the very least I’m glad they’ve made such a wild jump. :)

I will add that this is the game we should have gotten in 2019, not sw/sh. I’m very interested in how SV and PLA will shape the development of gen 10.

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Discussion This game makes me feel like a monster [Humor]


You got a family of a Beartic and 4 Cubchoos minding their own business when suddenly a mysterious pokemon trainer comes running up the mountain toward them. The Beartic, clearly just trying to protect their young runs towards the trainer only for their Wiglett to sneak in and take down them and all their babies without a second thought. 😐

Anyone else feel guilty when your mon attacks another pokemon in cold blood? 😅😂

r/pokemon 1d ago Gold Bravo!

Discussion Scarlet & Violet have the least memorable cities in any mainline title


I challenge you to tell me one city that was memorable in this game besides the starting hub. Even then it’s just Disneyland lol

I just tried, and the only city name I even remembered is Alfornada because its funny & fits the setting perfectly.

In every other title, you didn’t have nearly half the world size but towns still felt alive.

You know when I noticed? Gyms. They’re the only building in each city that you can enter with an actual interior. Also, you can see a Pokémon on the NE corner having some sort of interaction while you register, in every gym.

My favorite part of Pokémon games were finding little Easter eggs in the towns, especially in just the regular homes of NPCs.

No nods to older / future titles, just reused salon assets from SWSH lol the sandwich shops in particular seem pointless, why have 3 separate menus instead of a grocery store?

I hope they add interiors in the future, or give you literally any reason to come back to your dorm room lol

I haven’t touched SWSH in months, and still remember first laying eyes on Ballonlea & Wyndon.

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Discussion / Venting Why do raids constantly have pop up text that interrupts our time to do a move?


Entering the raid and your status conditions, ability effects and all that, sure. But EVERY time even after you recovery from a faint? And every status effect applied EVERY time? AND interrupting our time to apply a move when the raid Pokemon removes said status effects? I've lost so many raids because I got 3-4 moves on the whole raid because I literally couldn't so it clock anything.

Should all these pop ups be done in a chat box style as they happen in the background seperate from the move choice table + screen?

Or we can't be play a move or cheer and it add it to a que for our turn?

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Discussion / Venting The Auto Heal feature in SV is cool... but...


It's cool it heals my mons with items from my bag but why don't it also heal status effects like poison or paralysis while it's at it? I got 40 of each heal and a bunch of full heals. It's a nitpick I know but I feel like this is an odd choice not to heal it and cure it at the same time.